A to Z approach

From entertainment to room decoration
A suitable, easily accessible location is the first step towards a successful event. Next, is the right atmosphere. Naturally, you want your guests to feel at home and comfortable right away, but you also want to surprise them and leave a lasting impression. That’s why Technopolis sets the tone — with eye-catching entertainment, a high-tech reception or trendy room decoration.
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Looking for a location that fits the concept you have in mind? 

We’ll take care of it. All you have to do is share your wishes. Our Event team takes care of the rest: from expressing original ideas, coordinating all the preparations, to arranging the sound check. You can leave everything — but really everything — to us, with peace of mind.

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About the entertainment...

If you’re looking for an unforgettable event, we’ll arrange the most impressive entertainment: fire-eaters, a live band or cheerleaders! They’re waiting for you! We can also organise a photo or video booth (with props). Or do you prefer a cocktail bar in roaring twenties-style? We can arrange anything to blow your guests away.

An innovative interpretation

Technopolis wouldn’t be Technopolis if it couldn’t provide the most innovative stuff. How about facial recognition during the check-in of your guests? We can also map out how your visitors walk during your event. Golden oldies such as a chatroom are also possible, or we’ll replace them with a modern VR booth.

…the perfect room decoration

We don’t offer common setups; we like to tailor the rooms to your event. Whether it’s lounge-style or more western-like, spacy or thousand-and-and-one nights, think of the craziest thing and we’ll bring it to life. We also pay attention to the details — from snacks, to floral arrangements, to hostesses: they all fit the theme.

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