The Happonomy network of speakers

We look for the right speaker(s) for you!
Need a speaker at your event? You’ve come to the right address! Through Technopolis, you can call on the inspiring, authentic speakers from the Happonomy speakers’ network. Their surprising stories are as fascinating and diverse as (company) life itself!

The speakers

The Happonomy Speakers Network has ten professionally coached, but still very authentic speakers — from a scientist, a social entrepreneur, to a value-driven business expert. Each and every one of them has a fascinating story to tell.

The stories

The topics vary from a vulnerable memory, a social experiment or a high-tech discovery. Always atypical and surprising, but also very recognizable and accessible.

The price

Each topic can be turned into a short but powerful talk, a longer keynote or interactive debate. Prices start from 650 euros.

Because the Happonomy speakers are not only born storytellers, but also big-hearted people, they give 60% of their remuneration to charity.

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