Since May 8, events with max. 50 people can take place outside.
Since June 9, events can also take place inside.
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Ready for a successful 1.5-metre party!

We take all necessary safety measures
Organising an event in the corona period works - safe and sound - in Technopolis. There are 12 rooms of different sizes available for you, so that there is always enough space to welcome all guests. And we also got creative with our catering formulas. We are ready for a successful 1.5-metre party!

Celebrate safely

We are very happy to welcome you and your guests again, accompanied by the necessary safety and hygiene measures. We take into account the code of conduct of the events sector and the Event Risk Model, which maps out the risks through scientifically established parameters.

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Focus on personal protection

  • Our employees wear face masks and regularly disinfect their hands.
  • All guests will find disinfectant hand gel in several strategic places.
  • Upon arrival we will measure the temperature of our guests with our digital thermometer.
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Clear signage and distance rules

  • You and your guests follow set foot paths, so you don't cross too closely.
  • A large number of standing tables will be placed in the hall, at a sufficient distance from each other. A maximum of 4 guests may gather at each standing table.
  • During a seated dinner we place sufficiently long tables, so that the chairs are always at a 1.5-metre distance from each other.
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Increased attention to hygiene

  • From now on, your permanent event manager will also take on the task of hygiene supervisor. This task consists of supervising, checking on queues and guaranteeing regular cleaning of all surfaces and sanitary areas.
  • The audio-visual material, such as hand microphones and headsets, is disinfected before and after use.
  • Between each session or group change, all chairs, surfaces and the material used are thoroughly disinfected.
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Custom catering

  • To avoid touch as much as possible, we no longer provide self-service during the events.
  • We are introducing food boxes. We provide breakfast, lunch, apero and dinner boxes, where each guest gets his own package of food and drinks.
  • Our caterer guarantees a safe service. The waiters wear gloves and face masks.
  • The layout of the hall is adapted to the chosen catering formula, to ensure sufficient distance at all times.
  • We strictly follow all procedures that apply to the catering industry (opening hours, capacity...).

On to a carefree event

Our team is ready to welcome you again in the best and most protective way. This is how we can guarantee an event where everyone can have a carefree time.

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