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With an extensive offering of 12 spaces where the sky is the limit regarding design options, Technopolis is known as a top-notch event venue. We organise over 200 events of all kinds a year. If you're looking for someone specialised in event planning and space rental, you've come to the right place! Our objective? To turn your event into a roaring success! To do so, we always go the extra mile, and we think along with you.

What can you expect?

  • Wide range of versatile meeting spaces from 20 to 700 m2, each with its own personality
  • High-quality catering
  • Top-notch service
  • Stylish decoration
  • Spacious cloakroom
  • And so much more!

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Below you will find an overview of all rooms you can hire and their capacity. Click on a room of your choice and discover all the options. Step into Technopolis by downloading our floor plan.

Multipurpose areas

Einstein (+ Patio)

Einstein is the largest space in Technopolis, and it has a nice wooden floor. With its 700 m², Einstein is the perfect location for your next seminar, corporate event, network event or tradeshow. The space has numerous decorating options.
The unique feature of Einstein is the possibility to divide it into 2 separate spaces: Einstein 1 and Einstein 2. Patio Einstein, located right next to Einstein, can be used as an (extra) catering room or break-out area.
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The Foyer is an excellent reception room, exhibition hall or catering area. In addition to receptions and networking events, the Foyer is the ideal location for a lunch or coffee break.
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201903 Pers Tabel 36


This multi-purpose space adjacent to the Foyer and the interactive exhibit space is ideal to organise a drink or a dinner in case of a nocturne. The Laan is the option of choice if you want another extension next to the Foyer.
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The auditorium

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Do you have a lecture, a seminar or training? Then, Kegel is what you need. Inspire your employees, customers or partners in this colourful auditorium and broaden their horizon.
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Conference rooms

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Ampere (+ Patio)

Ampère is the perfect meeting room, equipped with furniture, a projector and a flipchart. This room has a pleasant wooden floor, excellent light and can be darkened completely. Adjacent to Ampère is a Patio, a bright, open space that you can also book separately. The Patio can be used as a catering room or break-out zone for smaller groups.
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STEM centrum 43


STEM is the ideal space for your breakout or workshop. Thanks to the exceptional decoration, you can really give your event a nice touch.
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The small meeting room Hertz is ideal for a small meeting or training in a small group. This space can also serve as a production space.
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Break-out areas

Kilobyte theaterstijl 07


Kilobyte is perfect for catering or workshops, and it can also serve as a meeting room. If you want a projector, don’t hesitate to ask.
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Patio Ampere

Patio Ampère
The Patio Ampère, right next to Ampère, is the perfect catering area for a small group of people.
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Ontdekhoek zaal


For meetings with slightly smaller groups, Ontdekhoek is the ideal meeting space. This space can also perfectly serve as a workshop space or break-out room.
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The semi-open space Lux serves as a catering area, a break-out zone and a workshop space for your event. The adjacent terrace is a nice extra.
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Bert Knuts (Managing Director)
The events of the last two days at Technopolis Mechelen were a great success. With a very satisfied end customer as a result and of course also to our great satisfaction!

Thanks to you, we managed to surprise the guests and deliver a great evening. We were a team and all strived for perfection.

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