Science Day online for the first time!

Technopolis streams unique live show
On 22 November 2020, Science Day — Flanders’ biggest science event — took place entirely online for the first time. This meant that — despite the lockdown — no single activity had to be cancelled. Participants could simply go to the Science Day website and choose from more than 500 activities. Technopolis took on the full coordination of the event. The icing on the cake? An online show full of experiments, interviews with scientists and facts, all streamed live and directed by Technopolis.
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About Science Day

On the annual Science Day, anyone in Flanders can always take part in a whole range of activities offered by universities of applied sciences, regular universities, research institutes, museums, companies… they open their doors to the general public, usually free of charge.

This year was no different, except that during this 10th edition the more than 80 organisers opened their doors virtually to the general public. The event was fully coordinated by Technopolis.

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Participants from all over Flanders

More than 42000 Flemings went to www​.dagvandewetenschap​.be on Science Day, where they could choose from more than 500 activities such as live streams, 360° tours, podcasts, digital quizzes, do and build kits, experiments, shows, lectures, games, workshops…

Because most of the activities on the online platform remain online, Technopolis has ensured that from now on it will be Science Day every day.

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Live show from Technopolis

Participants were treated to a show from 1.00 pm to 5 pm, streamed live from Technopolis. The show was presented by the Technopolis’ house vloggers and contained many spectacular experiments, facts and live interviews with scientists.

Hilde Crevits, Deputy Prime Minister and Flemish Minister of Innovation, Economy, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture, opened the show together with Stephane Berghmans, CEO of Technopolis. Weatherman Frank Deboosere and Ketnet wrap star Sarah Mouhamou also took part in a series of tests during the show.

Technopolis is ready for your online event!


Technopolis, not only as a science and technology centre, but also as an event organiser, never gives up. At Technopolis, all events can always take place: if not physically at Technopolis, then (partially) online.

For the Technopolis live show, we used a professional crew and set up STEK — our new zone for young creators — as a recording studio. The fact that Technopolis managed to organise a large-scale event such as Science Day online and to stream a live show on the same day is a clear sign that we are fully prepared to continue to organise events regardless of the circumstances.

I am pleased that the organisers realised how important it was to have Science Day this year. You could say despite” these special times, but that would be wrong. It is precisely because of these special times that it was important that Science Day could take place! Thanks to science and technology we can still stay in touch with each other and enjoy all kinds of (online) activities”.

Stephane Berghmans, CEO of Technopolis

Responses from participants and organisers

Congratulations on this fantastic show! I’m not a scientist myself, but I followed the show from the first to the last minute. I don’t have Emiel’s email address, but I would also like to give him a huge compliment! You were all very enthusiastic and energising.
Hilde Wynen, advisieur Alimento
We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful organisation of the 10th edition of the Science Day! 
For us (Patrticia Ceysen van Wewatt — myself — and the whole team), this was an enormously successful edition! We would love to be there again next year!
Ann Meersman, Scanbie
That was a lot of fun. The VTM and VRTTV crews also made this day complete. My children and I had a super fun and instructive day of science. Thank you and congratulations on the fantastic organisation! The Science Day” website is truly a treasure trove of great initiatives. 😊 
Marieke Tijskenss, participant
Congratulations. We didn’t stop until 10.45 pm. Everyone was enthusiastic, we – and especially the organisation in general — received masses of compliments. We greatly respect the job you did to make it all happen!
Sus Dams, Natuur & Wetenschap
My compliments to your live show, I saw part of it and looked great!
Ann Meulemans, Ketnet