Escape game: Beat the Box

Discover the power of working together
Take part in an exciting race against time filled with puzzles and riddles. Will your teams manage to decipher the code in time during this original team-building activity?
Beat the Box 1

Decipher the secret code

Beat the Box starts with each team receiving a locked aluminium case containing a mysterious video message. The game only really begins once they’ve managed to open the case. It contains 4 locked boxes full of puzzles and riddles.

You have to be quick, because time is ticking away! Will the teams manage to decipher the secret code before the timer stops?

Collaboration is key

Being clever isn’t enough to complete this escape game successfully. Success only comes from working together and sharing information.



For a small additional charge you can have a few extras, such as:

  • Add extra mystery and excitement with lights, sounds and a smoke machine
  • Have a special team photo taken with parabolic lighting
  • Play Beat the Box in the dark with a Petzl light


1.5 hours
10 to 500 (teams of 5 to 10 players)