Escape game: The Infinite Loop

Treat your team to infinite fun
A man is trapped in the virtual world. Will your team manage to set him free and bring him back? With this escape game, you can be sure of a team-building event packed with excitement and mystery.
The infinite loop 3

Full of virtual reality

In The Infinite Loop everything revolves around a dubious company called The Odyssey”. Its goal is to make VR accessible to everyone, but nothing is what it seems. When it turns out that The Odyssey has kidnapped a man and imprisoned him in the virtual world, it’s time for your team to take action.

All for one and one for all

Your team is divided into small groups of White Hackers”, which ensure security in the virtual world. While one team member enters the virtual world with VR goggles and describes everything around him or her, the rest are given a manual full of all kinds of clues and puzzles.

Communication is the solution

Only if all the team members communicate well with each other will they find the code to open the kidnapped man’s cell in time.

The infinite loop 2

Practical aspects

2 hours
4 to 300 participants (teams of 4 to 6 people)