Science Quiz

Try to figure out the outcome of our live experiments
In what year was Einstein born? And who invented the light bulb? Years and names will help you in any quiz, but not during our Science Quiz! Have your digital voting box ready and prepare for a series of anything but typical quiz questions interspersed with live experiments whose outcome is up to you to figure out. Feel free to ask us for a quote tailored to your team.

An original teambuilding quiz

Who’s the smartest colleague? Or who paid the best attention during the science lessons? I’m sure you’ll find out during our Science Quiz. We will immerse you in four categories and take you via the earth”, through the air”, over the water” and along the fire”.

Our edutainers, purebred entertainers with a flair for science, will treat you to a sparkling quiz full of experiments and atypical quiz questions. The Science Quiz was developed especially for teambuilding sessions and bears the Technopolis quality stamp, which is known for original entertainment that will teach you a thing or two!


This teambuilding is not corona-proof.
1 hour
20 to 300 persons