Walking coaching

Corona-proof teambuilding
Put on your walking boots for one of our scientifically inspired theme walks in nature. There are several options: from an energetic walk shop to an original walking meeting. Each one of them is the ideal opportunity to get to know your colleagues step by step” and to strengthen your relationship with them. Come on, time to stretch those legs! Did you know that this formula is corona-proof?

Choose from our theme walks in nature

Feel the energy, the whole day long

A fun, active walk shop where you discover what costs energy and what gives energy. You go home full of energy and armed with a lot of concrete action points.

Have a forest bath

During the Japanese-inspired Shinrin-Yoku walk we immerse ourselves in nature. Find peace, clear your head and experience your senses. The result? Less stress and more resilience.

Bye-bye, stress

We’re going to look for negative stress moments and learn how to deal with them. We’ll do exercises, learn how to relax and look up the silence.

Walking meeting

Did you know that walking meetings increase performance and productivity? Let’s go out and learn how to organise a walking meeting. At the same time, we will also discover what effect it has on you, your team and your organisation.

Or set up a custom-made walk with us!

Together with your organisation or team, we will develop a walk that focuses on a theme that you want to address — from change management, stress prevention, to applying for a job while taking a walk.

Why is walking always a good idea?

Studies have shown that walking:

  • improves our physical and mental well-being.
  • has a positive impact on our learning ability and performance.
  • triggers our senses, improves our creativity and our problem-solving skills.
  • contributes to a relaxed mindset where you can easily get to know each other better.

Corona-proof teambuilding!

  • Outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to keep moving during corona times!
  • We work with groups of up to 15 people. This way everyone can stick to the 1.5- metre rule and still stay in group”.
  • If you want to participate with more colleagues, we’ll split up the group. A move-through system is also an option: while one group participates in the walk shop, the other can participate in another teambuilding activity.
  • We ask all participants who show symptoms of Covid-19, feel sick or have a sick person in their bubble, to stay at home.


6 to 15 people per coach
2 hours
In Mechelen, in nature
You should wear appropriate clothes and shoes!

The photos on this web page are from CareerBoots.