Exhibition for sale: Xplora

Xplora has had its day. But only in Technopolis! It’s time for this amazing exhibition to move on to a new home. Do you know the perfect place for this exhibition that stimulates children and young people to explore their talents? Please let us know.
2016 02 10 Technopolis Mechelen 03 Tentoonstelling 088

Discovering talents

In Xplora, children and young people (aged 10 to 14) explore inspiring professions. What does a tiger dentist do? What skills do you need to become a sweet maker or present the weather? Using experiments, they discover new talents and – who knows – perhaps even their dream job.

Topical themes

Xplora contains 10 clusters of interactive arrangements, each aligned with a profession. Sustainability, entrepreneurship and the importance of science in solving problems large and small form a link throughout the exhibition.

Rollercoaster en houten tijger

Stunning spectacle

A spectacular sight: that’s the least you can say about Xplora. Children of all ages will be captivated by the large wooden tigers, the rollercoaster, the colourful sweet factory, the lifelike weather set with green key…

Discover it for yourself

To witness the value of Xplora, it’s worth popping in to Technopolis. There you can test out all interactive arrangements with your own hands. Who knows, perhaps you’ll discover some new talents?

What you need to know

Available as from the end of 2023.
Xplora covers an area of 826 m².
Interested? Come around? Contact Suzanne Verheyen.

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