Last chance!


Giant insects spotted in our forest!
What’s crawling in the forest behind Technopolis? Put on your walking shoes and step inside Insectopia, the only place on earth where insects are up to 5 metres in size. Are they from another planet? Did they eat too much? Or are they the result of a scientific experiment that got out of hand? 

This summer is your last chance to find out! The insects are leaving us after August 31st.
Insectopia vlinder square
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Enter the world of insects

Insectopia is home to no fewer than 32 oversized crawly creatures. Not long ago, we had a team of researchers here, but… for some reason, they left their camp. Did their research get stalled? Do they have something to hide? All we know is that we urgently need new researchers. Are you a curious person, not afraid of a challenge? Then you’re the one we’re looking for to find out why our six-legged friends have grown so much.

And oh yes, don’t be alarmed if you suddenly see them move their antennas or turn their heads: they won’t hurt a fly. Really!

Crawly creatures

You will find the most fascinating insects in Insectopia. You’ve seen them all before, but — believe us – you’ve never seen them like this before. Get ready for super-long antennas, mega-sized legs, gigantic stings, super-wide wings, and huge eyes…

Wanna bet that the next time you see a bee whizzing by or a colony of ants at work, you will stop and be amazed!

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INSpECT and learn

Leave your magnifying glass at home and your catch net too. If you want to learn what makes the insects in Insectopia so special, all you have to do is look closely and prick up your ears. Videos, information boards and audio stories will guide you through our extraordinary insect forest.

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Crawly shop

Can’t get enough of insects? We have lots of games, gadgets and crafting sets in our insect shop… to keep even the busiest bee busy for days.

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Summer bar

Finished with your research? Then take a moment to relax in our cosy summer bar and beach. If you are as diligent as an ant, you can solve a few tasks and inspect an insect hotel from close by. Don’t forget to take a picture at the photo wall. Say zzzzzooom!

This you need to know

A ticket costs € 8. To visit Insectopia you need a separate ticket or a combined ticket. A ticket for Technopolis does not give you access to our insect forest.
Insectopia is open on Wednesdays (after 12:30 p.m.), Saturdays and Sundays. During the summer holidays our expo is open every day from 9.30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

The insects will stay with us until 31st August 2022.
Insectopia is worthwhile for all ages.
If you’re 6 years or older, you can pick up a free activity book at the entrance. The book is full of assignments to make your quest even more exciting.
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Do you need a wheelchair?

We constructed an unpaved walking path to make sure the fauna and flora in our forest is not disturbed too much. Unfortunately, this makes the grounds less accessible for wheelchairs or buggies. Send a request to if you need a wheelchair that is suitable for the forest.

Not just an expo

In 2021 Technopolis could proudly call itself SDG Voice. This means that we served as a loudspeaker for a series of objectives that deal with our living environment in a more sustainable way. Insectopia makes people of all ages aware of the importance of biodiversity and forests. This is how we contribute to goal 15.

Not a fan of (small) mosquitoes?

Then be sure to bring some mosquito spray or cover your arms and legs, because in our forest you will not only find a mega-sized mosquito, there are also many small ones that would love to see you pass by.

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Insectopia is an exhibition by Dino Don Inc, the creator of Dinopolis (the previous outdoor exhibition of Technopolis).