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Please follow all safety measures!
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Measures in the exhibition areas

Certain exhibits are temporarily closed or removed
In the light of the corona crisis, we have taken a series of measures for your safety and that of our employees to make our exhibitions as safe as possible. For example, it was necessary to partially or completely seal off or remove certain setups that could not be sufficiently decontaminated or where insufficient physical distance could be maintained. For some setups we removed non-essential parts or made sure that you can experiment with them with fewer visitors at the same time.

Unfortunately, you have to miss these setups

Below you will find a list of the most important setups that have been temporarily closed or removed. Don't worry, there are about 240 setups left: that's more than enough for half a day of carefree experimentation! In the meantime, we are constantly reviewing how we can make our exhibition area even safer and we are looking for new solutions to adapt existing setups, so that you will soon be able to use them again.

Main exhibition

  • Lift a car (outside, at the entrance)
  • Bicycle on the cable
  • Head dish (your head on a dish)
  • Rotating world (illusion)
  • Kaleidoscope (illusion)
  • Hex
  • Sky-high
  • What is the profession of this M/F?
  • Fire station
  • Echo tube
  • Call space
  • A good impression of yourself (wall with pins)
  • Whisper tube
  • Put your ear to the ground

Sport 2.0

  • Virtual reality paragliding
  • Giant gaming wall (augmented reality climbing wall)


  • Fashion designer*
  • Are you a natural talent?*
  • Amusement park designer*
  • Do you recognize a streamlined design?

* Only part of the setup was closed.

Children's Science Centre

  • Look like a fly
  • Four in a row
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Trunk
  • Pizzeria

Keep a 1.5-m distance and follow the arrows

Always keep 1.5 meters distance from each other (unless you live under one roof) and be courteous to each other by limiting your time per setup.

To avoid too many visitors experimenting in a zone at the same time, we ask you to follow the arrows on the ground as much as you can.

Buy your tickets online and let us know when you drop by

In order to know exactly how many visitors we will be receiving, you are required to register your visit date online in advance and purchase your ticket online. If you still have a valid ticket or you are a subscriber, you only need to indicate when you will be visiting.