Sports 2.0

Playing sports outside the box
Playing sports is healthy… but Sports 2.0 is COOL! Add some new technologies to your sports experience and you’ll be surprised how simple and how much fun it is to expand your boundaries. Experience virtual paragliding and climb to the top yourself in augmented reality. Or do mind-blowing stunts without getting any scratches or bruises.
Sporttentoonstelling 145
Sporttentoonstelling 145

Sky high virtual reality*

With our virtual reality paragliding, you will be flying freely through the air at dizzying heights… while only hanging just above the ground!

But you’d swear that you’re feeling the wind in your hair and the mist on your face, and that you’re smelling the mountains… The virtual reality will be reinforced by real-time effects, such as movement and airflow!

For this set-up, you need to be at least 1.35m as well as at least 8 years old.

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Giant gaming wall*

On our climbing construction, you transform into Spiderman while accomplishing a groundbreaking mission. And if you lose your grip, you land safely onto a soft gymnastics mat.

Keep your eyes wide open and let augmented reality show you the way… We’ll project laser beams onto the climbing wall that will follow your antics and those of another climber, all thanks to the open pose system. The result? A climbing session you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Wanted: Stunt(wo)man

Do you stand in awe of top gymnasts and their acrobatics? At Technopolis, you have a chance to experience it yourself. On our film set, you get to do all gymnastic stunts yourself, without ending up with even the tiniest scratch. Are you beaming with pride? Rightly so, and you can immediately show off your talent to your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

We don’t have magic potions at Technopolis, but we do have a unique film studio. You get to make the most spectacular moves on the balance beam, while you’re just lying on the ground. Every few seconds, a top-notch camera takes a picture. When all images are put together, you get a stunning stop motion film in which you show your prowess.

With the support of the players of

Nationale Loterij
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And so much more…

Get your muscles warmed up and

  • play air hockey in a wheelchair
  • test your reaction speed
  • estimate the speed of a ball (important for all ball sports!)
  • do a superfast pirouette
  • do some super hard penalty kicks with precision
  • watch spectacular sporting moments in super slow-motion
  • try to sail against the wind
  • unravel the mystery behind the perfect curveball
  • find out how flexible you are and
  • participate in our sports quiz about doping!


    Included in your one-day ticket
    The explanation with all the exhibits has been translated into English.