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Wervelende wentels 5

Science Treasures

What would the world look like without these scientific principles?
From now on, you will find a whole series of science treasures in Technopolis. No polished, historically irreplaceable objects that are too precious to touch, but they are at least as valuable and fascinating! We're talking about a collection of scientific principles that are so important that the world would look very different if they didn't exist.

Wow, the world's upside down!?

What if vibrations didn't produce sound? Or that evolution had saddled us with non-pliable fingers? And what would it look like without magnets or magnetism! And what if there was no centripetal force? Each and every one of our exhibits in the exhibition "Science treasures" will get you thinking!

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Hoe handig ben jij 3

How dextrous are you?

Try tying the shoelaces of a shoe with two pliers instead of your fingers. I bet you 'll change your mind about those treasures on your hands. Robotic engineers consider it a massive challenge to imitate the dexterity of human fingers.

Draaiend water 3

Rotating water

To understand what centrifugal force and centripetal force mean, give the handle of our water tank a good turn. Are you surprised to see what the water does or does it remind you of something?

Links rechts averechts 1

Left, right... or was it right, left?

Follow the lines and start off on the right foot... As long as you didn't drink too much or just came off a merry-go-round, that's child's play. But wait until you put on our special glasses and notice that the left suddenly looks right and the other way around!

Slofofoon 5

The sound of slippers

What if vibrations didn't produce sound? Then you wouldn't be able to make a nice tune by hitting the slipper on our special phone. Note in particular that the length of the tubes is very important.

Omhoog rollen 2

Roll uphill

Look, that cone's rolling upwards! Or isn't it? Try to roll up both the cylinder and the cone. You see the difference? Have a look at the centre of gravity.

Hypercoole hyperbool 2

Hyper-cool hyperbola

A straight bar goes through a curved opening. True or not true? Test this hypothesis using our hyper cool hyperbola.

Wervelende wentels 5

Gyrating swirls

A vortex like this is rare! That's why we recommend that you first rub your eyes before turning on the disc of this swirling exhibit. Notice not all fluid elements are moving at the same speed?

Magnetische wervelstorm 3

Magnetic eddy current

We're racing, magnetic against non-magnetic. The race track: two aluminium tubes with holes in them, so you can follow the race. Good thing magnetism exists, otherwise this race would not be a race at all!

Inpaktalent 6

Pack it up

One cut and seven blocks. Are you able to get all the blocks in that one cut?


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