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Visit Technopolis this autumn break and free your inner animal! Imitate your favourite animal the best you can and get a chance to win a €250 voucher for a stay at the B&B Hippo-Droom, in the middle of the Sonian forest!

Here's how you get the best chance to win the prize!

  1. Listen carefully to the tips given by our eloquent staff. They'll explain step by step which techniques you need to use and show you how it's done.
  2. Practice makes perfect! Make sure to lubricate your vocal chords before you hit the record button.
  3. Focus and don't hold back!
  4. You know you did well when the animal you imitate suddenly appears in front of you, in 3D! No joy? Not to worry, feel free to try again or imitate another animal!

Nature goes digital!

All eager to release your inner beast? Make sure to experiment with these set-ups as well:

  • Go on a virtual bird safari through the Zwin
  • Get turtles, seals and bats to safety in virtual reality.
  • Playfully discover all properties of wood.

At Technopolis, you'll experience nature digitally this autumn break!

Day programme

How to make the most of your visit to Technopolis? Have a look at the entire programme on beforehand. This way you know perfectly what to explore where and when.

Buy your tickets online

Visit Technopolis this autumn break, free your inner animal and get a chance to win this fantastic prize! Buy your tickets online, ignore the row at the ticketing office and allow yourself more time to experiment (and thus more chances to win this prize!)

Contest rules

Each participant in this 'Release your inner beast' action of Technopolis accepts the following terms and conditions and any possible decision of Technopolis about this action. The contest 'Release your inner beast' runs from Saturday 28 October to Sunday 5 November 2017.

1. Participation in the action 'Release your inner beast!' implies

you accept all provisions of the contest rules, as well as any decision taken by the organisers. The rules can always be obtained upon simple request to the organisers.

The organiser of this action is:

Technopolis NV
B-2800 Mechelen

phone  015 34 20 00

2. Subject: Release your inner beast

Participation in the contest via the interactive set-up 'Release your inner beast' in the Xplora zone of Technopolis.

  1. The visitor registers at this set-up using an RFID wristband that he/she obtains at the welcoming desk, and enters his/her email address.
  2. Then, the visitor is challenged to imitate a particular animal sound.

The 4 participants who can best imitate an animal sound in the set-up 'Release your inner beast' win a €250 voucher for a stay at B&B Hippo-Droom.

The contest 'Release your inner beast! runs from Saturday 28 October to Sunday 5 November 2017.

The winners will be announced by email on Monday 20 November 2017.

3. The organiser: Technopolis

The organiser of this contest reserves the right to make changes to the 'Release your inner beast' action, to its course and/or to the rules if this is justified by unforeseen circumstances beyond his control.

The organiser cannot be held liable if, for reasons beyond his will, the 'Release your inner beast' contest should be interrupted, delayed or cancelled.

Printing, spelling, layout or other similar errors can in no way affect the liability of the organiser.

In general, the organiser formally disclaims any liability with regard to the 'Release your inner beast' action.

Any fraud or attempted fraud in participating to the 'Release your inner beast' action is punishable by the participant's immediate exclusion.

This contest has been made possible by

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