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Top-notch team building venue

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This year, you don't have to go paintballing, kayaking on the Dijle or taking a walk in Mechelen. Because this year, you come to Technopolis. It's original, it's organised down to the tiniest detail and very budget-friendly.

Another kayaking trip on the Dijle? Or paintballing with the team? You've had it with the same team buildings over and over again. And so has your team. Do something else and attend Technopolis this time around. We'll create a team building tailored to your company. With a team building day in Technopolis, you're bound to move up to the number one position in your team's pop poll! 

Team building day at Technopolis

We would like to present two ingredients to spice up your team building day:


‘The Exciting Science Quiz’

Start your team building with 'The Exciting Science Quiz'. A little contest is perfect to get your team building going. During our interactive quiz, your team has to conduct experiments and answer questions using their digital voting handsets.  Exhilarating, exciting and perfect to set the atmosphere!

Price: € 350
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Einstein / Kegel


Company rally

Go and discover Technopolis with your team! No GPS needed for this experiment rally. But you will need your common sense and two handy hands that you will indeed put to work. Because once the teams have been divided into smaller groups (and the surprising scientific starting signal has been fired), you'll go on a discovery trip in the Technopolis exhibition space. The team that is best at conducting the experiments and that returns with the most correct answers, wins the rally!

Price: € 15 / person
Duration: 1u30 à 2 hours
Location: Exhibition space

Give your team building an extra touch

These 2 fixed team building formulas can be supplemented with 2 extras. Because during your team building's break, you may want to lean back and let the others do the hard work. Our renowned science show or a stunning demo is just what the doctor ordered for your break! Or go all the way and attend both the show and the demo!


Science show

Technopolis breathes science. And so will your event. Everything at Technopolis is inspired by science: the tablets you use up until the drinks you order. And our edutainer will treat your guests to some spectacular experiments and tests in our legendary science show!

Price: € 250
Duration: 45 minutes
Location: Einstein / Kegel



Science is most fun if you witness it in action. Symphonic wine glasses? Forks with a curious sense of balance? Ping pong balls with hidden powers? Our demonstrations are guaranteed to flabbergast your teams. Afterwards, they'll probably show off their own handy-dandy experiments at a party!

Price: € 200
Duration: max 1 hour
Location: Depending on your catering


Our spaces are suitable for groups of 7 to 700 people. We can easily modify our programme to suit your needs. To ensure availability, we ask to take an option 2 months before your event if you want to organise it during the weekend or the holidays. For regular working days, please respect a minimum of 1 month.

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