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Book now: Escape game 'The Lock' or Fun with drones!

Don’t choose between paintballing, kayaking on the Dijle or walking through Mechelen this year. Instead, come to Technopolis for your teambuilding event. Original, well-maintained and perfect for your budget. Together we create a teambuilding day tailored to your company. We guarantee your employees and colleagues will be very happy!

Choose from 4 unique formulas


Escape game 'The Lock'

Can’t get enough of escape games? Or would you like to try one for the first time? Invite your employees to our escape game ‘The Lock’. The participants will split up in teams and have 60 minutes to open a chest. With the help of a tablet and a small suitcase filled with supplies, they have to try and decipher the lock. If they don’t succeed in time, the contents of the chest will be destroyed.

60 minutes filled with brain twisters and augmented reality are what you need for some exciting team building!

In cooperation with Ontpop Mechelen.

Duration: 60 minutes
Number of people: 12 to 100


Fun with drones

Have you always wanted to learn to fly a drone or test your drone skills on a course? You can do that during our drone teambuilding event! Our Einstein hall will be converted into a real obstacle course in which you can compete with your colleagues in various drone games. If an ordinary course is not exciting enough for you, you can experiment with First Person View glasses to make it extra challenging.

Length: 2 hours to 2h30
Location: Einstein
Number of people: 10 to 120


Company rally

Go and discover Technopolis with your team! No GPS needed for this experiment rally. But you will need your common sense and two handy hands that you will indeed put to work. Because once the teams have been divided into smaller groups (and the surprising scientific starting signal has been fired), you'll go on a discovery trip in the Technopolis exhibition space. The team that is best at conducting the experiments and that returns with the most correct answers, wins the rally!

Duration: 1u30 à 2 hours
Location: Exhibition space
Number of people: 15 to 80


‘The Exciting Science Quiz’

Start your team building with 'The Exciting Science Quiz'. A little contest is perfect to get your team building going. During our interactive quiz, your team has to conduct experiments and answer questions using their digital voting handsets.  Exhilarating, exciting and perfect to set the atmosphere!

Duration: 1 hour
Number of people: 20 to 300

Combine your teambuilding with...

a science show and/or demo!

An edutainer will treat you and your guests to all kinds of tests and demonstrations full of spectacular experiments. Each and every one of these original and exciting scientific extras will make your event truly unique.

Ideal for the break of your workshop or team building, because during our science show or demo you can take a break yourself and leave the action to someone else for a while.


Our spaces are suitable for groups of 7 to 700 people. We can easily modify our programme to suit your needs.

To ensure availability, we ask to take an option 2 months before your event if you want to organise it during the weekend or the holidays. For regular working days, please respect a minimum of 1 month.

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Discover all the possibilities of Technopolis as a unique event location. Together we create a teambuilding day tailored to your company. We guarantee your employees and colleagues will be very happy!

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