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Edutainers and monitors

Who are they?

You won't find any guides at Technopolis, but rather staff members who are happy to provide you with explanations or assistance if you run into problems with one of the experiments. You can recognize them by their red Technopolis shirts.


Cycling on a steel cable 5.2 metres above the ground. Does this sound too dangerous for you? No need to worry!

The monitors will give you a hand during your journey of discovery through science and technology and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

They can give you a detailed description of the scientific or technological phenomenon you will learn about with each exhibit.


Edutainers make science appealing not only by developing educational programmes, but also by providing demonstrations, workshops and spectacular shows.

They do so both at Technopolis and at schools and events.

Are you a visitor? Teacher? Or interested in hosting an event at Technopolis? Switch to your customized offer.