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Journey of discovery through Technopolis.

Of course, you can have the discovery journey through Technopolis connect seamlessly with your lessons. We will plot a nice route especially for you and your students along fifteen interactive exhibits, which will make your lessons even more concrete!

Based on the age of your students and your preferred themes (max. three) from our offer, we will put together an interesting themed excursion. During the e-rally, your students will wear an electronic bracelet: they will take this to the registration point where they will receive a question and are referred to an interactive exhibit that offers the answer. Are you registering with your teacher’s bracelet? Follow your students closely and see their progress.

Below, you will discover the themes the rally can be about. You can choose a maximum of 3 different themes. An e-rally always consists of fifteen questions, divided over the themes you’ve chosen (max. 3). You have to let us know the theme choices for your e-rally two weeks before your class visit. If you fail to do this, the theme ‘The Best of’ will automatically be assigned to you, with a mixture of the best questions from our 5 themes:

  • Ecology (this theme always has to be combined with another)
  • Physics
  • Electromechanics
  • Electricity and energy


  • Target group: secondary 2nd and 3rd level
  • Duration: 60 min 
  • Price: € 1 per student
phone Visiting days secondary school: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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