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#Inmyelement during the summer holidays!

Discover all our top activities

When will you be in your element this summer? At Technopolis, you won't have to look very far for great activities that turn a regular holiday into an unforgettable one! How about a bicycle ride on a cable instead of the dyke? Or why shouldn't you single-handedly land a plane instead of taking it to go on a holiday? Take on one challenge after the other these summer holidays. At Technopolis, we'll be in our element throughout the summer!

#InMyElement thanks to these top activities


Cycle on a cable

Do you have what it takes to cycle on a cable at five metres high in our exhibition space? Take a seat on our bike and discover why it isn't thrown off balance that easily!

For this set-up your inner leg length should be at least 70cm.


Land an aeroplane

Can you put a plane to the ground without getting clammy hands? Fly to your favourite holiday destination this summer ... using our high-tech flight simulator!


Go paragliding in virtual reality

With our virtual reality paraglider, you drift in the air at dizzying heights, while you're just dangling above the ground! The virtual reality is further enhanced by real-time effects such as movement and airflow!

For this set-up, you need to be at least 1.35m as well as at least 8 years old.


Search for elements in the universe

How fast are you? Together with another gamer, search the space for the chemical elements in everyday objects using our giant Mendeleev game!


Climb to the top

Clamber up our climbing wall while you perform dizzying tasks! Keep your eyes wide open and let augmented reality show you the way...


Lift a car

No, you don't have to be all muscles to lift a car! At least not in Technopolis... Using a giant lever, you'll lift our car off the ground in no time.


Take a nap on a nail bed

A little sleepy after all the experiments? Then, why don't you doze off on our delightfully comfy... bed of nails? We promise you won't be full of holes afterwards...


Stand in a giant bubble

Making soap bubbles is something you can do anytime, anywhere! Still, we would bet our money that you've never made a bubble that's as big as yourself. Besides, you have been inside a bubble?


Scratch like a real DJ

At our DJ table, you scratch like a real DJ! Work the buttons as a virtuoso and make sure the vinyl makes that typical scratching sound.


Create coloured shadows

Shadows can come in different colours. Believe it when you see it? Well, come to Technopolis and create the craziest shadows.

#InMyElement in our Children's Science Centre

Too young for these top activities?

Curious rascals from the age of 4 make their first discoveries in the Children's Science Centre.

Drive an ambulance, lay a roof, fill shelves in the supermarket, experience what it's like to have the eyes of a fly: at the Children's Science Centre, kids take on the role they want, and they learn a lot as well! The adult world has never been more accessible to young kids as in the Children's Science Centre!


  • Target group: young and old. Only the set-ups at the Children's Science Centre are intended for the youngest children (4 to 8 years).
  • Entrance: free, included in your one-day ticket
phone Technopolis is open every day of the summer holidays, from 9.30 am to 5 pm, including Sundays and bank holidays.

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