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Are you hungry from conducting all those experiments?

Are you hungry? Then you should go to our self-service restaurant ‘Megabyte’ for a quick bite to eat or even for a whole menu. It’s not allowed to go picnicking at Technopolis, so we kindly ask you to leave your packed lunch at home.

In our restaurant

  • Cold and hot meals
    There is no lack of choice in our restaurant! We have snacks, sandwiches, soup, pastas, cold dishes as well as hot meals (hot meals until 3 p.m.).

  • Cold and hot drinks
    We offer water, soda, beer and wine. We also have several hot drinks on offer. Tip: head to our cosy coffee corner, a wonderful place to spend some time!

  • Gluten-free assortment
    In our large assortment, you can also find delicious gluten-free sandwiches. To keep the service in the restaurant running as smoothly as possible, we kindly ask you to order your gluten-free sandwiches in advance.

  • Vegetarian selection
    Of course, we also think about vegetarian guests. That’s why you will find all kinds of vegetable dishes in our selection, as well as vegetarian sandwiches with, among other things, vegetarian steak tartare, vegetarian chicken curry...

  • Seasonal meals

  • Attention for allergens
    Because it’s important to us to communicate clearly about our dishes, you can find the symbols regarding allergens on the large menu board in our restaurant.

  • Picnic bag
    Apart from our broad selection, we now also offer a packed lunch, put together by us in advance. We will fill up a Technopolis bag with delicious food especially for you. You can choose a vegetarian or non-vegetarian lunch. A drink is also included. A picnic bag for children costs € 3.40 and adults pay € 4.40. Please reserve this option in advance.

  • Group menu
    If reserved in advance, it’s also possible to get a group menu for a group of 15 people or more:
    • Drink (included, max. € 2.20)
    • Hot meal:
      • Vol-au-vent, meatballs in tomato sauce: € 14
      • Spaghetti: € 12.50
      • Half a chicken: € 15.50
    • Dessert (included, max. € 2.70)

Menu birthday parties

  • Healthy sandwich with chicken

  • Fresh fruit salad

  • Chocolate cake

  • Pancakes

  • Warm hot dogs


  • Opening hours: on school days between 11:30 am and 5 p.m. and on other days between 10.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hot meals are always available until 3 p.m.

  • Are you with a group of 15 people or more and did you reserve your group visit in advance? Then you can eat a packed lunch as a group in our picnic area for € 1.70 per person. This price also includes a drink.

  • If reserved in advance, it is also possible to get group menus or picnic bags for groups of 15 people or more.
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