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How about a subscription?

Purchase your subscription online and receive a nice discount!

Do you choose a subscription? Great idea! Did you know we also have a unique type of subscription which allows you to bring along 3 people of your choice each time you visit Technopolis? With your friends subscription you and your friends/family can benefit from numerous discounts. And... if you purchase your subscription online, you receive a nice discount!

Personal subscription

Do you want a subscription just for you? Then choose a personal subscription with your name on it and visit Technopolis as often as you like. You have already earned back your investment by the time of your 3rd visit.

Price online (- €3)

  • for young children (up to 12 years): € 35
  • for older children (from 12 years) and adults: € 45

Price at the cash desk

  • for young children (up to 12 years): € 38
  • for older children (from 12 years) and adults: € 48

Friends subscription

With a friends subscription you can visit Technopolis as many times as you’d like with a group of 3 people! When you feel like it you can bring along your friends and some other time you can bring your aunt, brother, cousin... The choice is up to you! Bear in mind though that the friends subscriber has to be there for every visit!

Price online (- €12)

  • € 180

Price at the cash desk

  • € 192

All your advantages at a glance!

With your subscription you can benefit from numerous discounts both at Technopolis and elsewhere. If you have a friends subscription, all of these benefits do not only apply to you, but also to your friends (or brothers, sisters, parents...). The only condition for your friends or family is that they are with you at the time they visit Technopolis or one of the attractions/musea in the list below. At some of these attractions/musea* the discount only applies to the holder of the friends subscription.

Your benefits at Technopolis

  • one year unlimited entry into Technopolis
  • 10% discount in our shop for one year
  • discounts to special events at Technopolis
  • a fun gift when you celebrate your birthday at Technopolis 

Your benefits elsewhere

With your Technopolis subscription you get numerous discounts when visiting our partners:

  • 50% discount at Pairi Daiza*, Bobbejaanland, Hidrodoe and Cosmodrome
  • 40% discount in all Plopsa parcs*, Boudewijn Seapark (summer season), Pakawi Park (up to and including 3 November 2019) and Comics Station
  • 40% discount on the individual rate of the PassHan at the Caves of Han-sur-Lesse
  • Unlimited free entry incl. the Sixties (summer season and Winter Evenings) at the Open Air Museum Bokrijk
  • ...

* For personal subscribers and holders (not friends) of a friends subscription

Want to visit Technopolis before you decide to buy a subscription?

You can! Come over for a whole day filled with discoveries. Are you ready for more after experimenting all day? Then you can also buy your subscription right here at the cash register or in the shop after you’re done with your visit. And we will pay you back the cost of your day ticket! (In this case you cannot benefit from the online reduction. Instead you pay the price at the cash desk.)

If you choose a friends subscription, we will pay back your day ticket as well as the tickets of the friends you brought (max. 3). Isn’t that a great deal?

Buy your subscription cheaper online!

It is cheaper to purchase your subscription online! You receive a € 3 discount, if you purchase a personal subscription and an amazing € 12 discount if you purchase a friends subscription. You are just a few clicks away from your very own Technopolis subscription!

Are you a visitor? Teacher? Or interested in hosting an event at Technopolis? Switch to your customized offer.