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Science Centre Academies on new Science Centres

Since the opening of the Flemish science centre in 2000, Technopolis has regularly been asked to give advice on how to set up and run a science centre. In order to meet these requests as best we can, since 2002 we have regularly held a Science Centre Academy for new science centres. During the seminar, experts share their experiences regarding the design of interactive exhibits, marketing, financing, etc.

Technopolis acts as an advisory partner in the creation and running of a new science centre.

By deliberately keeping the Science Centre Academy on a small scale, it is possible to give sufficient attention to every project. Moreover, the format provides all the participants with an easy way of starting a dialogue with other participants and experts.



The Science Centre Academy invites participants to actively share experiences, to take part in discussions and to form opinions about the concept of a science centre. In order to give those who wish to start a new science centre as complete a picture as possible of what a science centre involves, participants in the Science Centre Academy are given an exclusive view behind the scenes of the recently renovated and expanded Technopolis, and have the opportunity to take part in science shows and demos.



Over the years, the Science Centre Academy has met with increasing success, and therefore the initiative was repeated time and again. A total of 121 people from 28 countries have already taken part in the Science Centre Academy at Technopolis.




A few of examples of science centres whose representatives have taken part in the Science Centre Academy are:


  • 2002 1st Science Centre Academy
  • 2003 2nd Science Centre Academy
  • 2004 3rd Science Centre Academy
  • 2006 4th Science Centre Academy
  • 2008 5th Science Centre Academy (Beijing)
  • 2009 6th Science Centre Academy
  • 2010 7th Science Centre Academy (Alexandria)
  • 2011 8th Science Centre Academy
  • 2012 9th Science Centre Academy


The Science Centre Academy can be held at another location on request. In such cases the programme is tailored entirely to suit the project in question. Keeping travel costs low for participants means, moreover, that more local project staff can benefit from the opportunity to take part in the Science Centre Academy.


Science Centre Academy made to measure, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt (2010)



For more information, please send an email to

Here are just a few of the reactions we received from the participants:

Thank you! These have been valuable days for both me and the project. 10 points to all the staff :-) Thank you for sharing.
(Kine Wangerud, Vitensenteret Sørlandet, Norway)

Hello dear colleagues from Technopolis,

We were all very happy to participate in the Science Center Academy 2011. All the lecturers were sharing their experience unselfishly and the hospitality of your whole team was great.
Not less important, deepest compliments for the catering. It’s no wonder Belgians are so proud of their cuisine.
There is still quite a way before the opening for us and we would like to stay in touch. Hopefully you will be able to come for our “test drive”.

Kind regards from Belgrade,
Team of Center for the Promotion of Science
(Mladen Petrovic, Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia)

This was a great way to exchange ideas. Great opportunity to see how another successful science centre operates. Excellent inspiration!
(Christopher Bugeja, Malta Council for Science and Technology, Malta)


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