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Internship or thesis project

Your internship or thesis project at Technopolis

Would you like to do an internship or your thesis project at Technopolis?

We have the following internships available, and other types of internships can also be discussed.
The internship and the number of days/hours per week are to be determined in each case by mutual agreement.

Please note, we will consider the possibility of an internship only if the period is for at least one month full-time.

• In the course of your internship a limited number of tasks may take place over the weekend, on public holidays or during school holidays
• Tasks will be determined in consultation with you and your educational institution

For more information about internships and to submit an application, please contact our human resources department via 015 34 20 20 or via


Intern in the graphic design department

You will be placed with our graphic design department.
Together with several colleagues, you will be responsible for:

  • Preparing designs and lay-outs.
  • The (re)design of existing or new logos, banners, posters, flyers, etc.
  • DTP: production of newsletters, info sheets based on existing lay-outs.
  • Handling the typesetting.
  • Monitoring the printing process.
  • Editing images in Photoshop: cropping, retouching, etc.


Intern in pedagogy for a research project

You will work on the European Exhibition Evaluation Tool (EEET) research project.

Using video analyses, you will research the educational potential of exhibits in the exhibition hall. Are exhibits or experiments used in the way intended by the designer? What is the educational potential of an exhibit? At which point of their visit to a science centre do people learn the most?

In addition, you will spend around one day per week in the field working with polyvalent public educators, edutainers and/or educational staff. You will attend demonstrations, workshops and spectacular shows at Technopolis, at schools and/or events.

  • You are a Master's student in educational sciences, with a specialization in pedagogy.
  • You are dynamic and precise.


Administrative internship

As an all-round administrative assistant, you will be involved in among other the following tasks:
• Preparing various files in Word, PowerPoint and/or Excel
• Preparing letters and order forms
• Data entry
• Filing
• You are dynamic and precise


Lab intern

We are looking for an intern to help run the Lab.

• Leading simple lab sessions for visitors on your own
• Helping with leading more complex school labs
• In consultation with the person in charge of our Lab you will design a new lab for visitors; you will take care of everything from concept, through test runs to implementation

• You are passionate about chemistry
• You are taking an integrated teacher training programme in a scientific subject, or a specific teacher training programme after gaining a university degree, preferably in chemistry, biology or a related subject
• You have experience with chemistry experiments in a lab
• You are a good communicator and sociable: you are not afraid of speaking to groups
• You are solution-oriented and creative
• You work well both on your own and in a team

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