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What are cookies and to what purpose are they used?

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Click here to read which cookies we use exactly. You will also read why we need those and how you can disable them.

Accept cookies?

If you visit our website without adjusting your cookie settings and click the Accept link, we assume that you agree to cookies on your computer.

You can also implicitly accept cookies. Then you are not required to click Accept. When you click somewhere else and continue browsing the website, you have also agreed.

Browser settings

You can configure your browser to get a notification each time a cookie is made. You can also completely disable storing cookies in your browser settings, but then the Technopolis and MyTechnopolis website no longer work correctly.

You can delete stored cookies from your computer at any time. Check your browser settings to know how to do that.

Different types of cookies

Several types of cookies are used:

  • Some are temporary and are deleted when closing the browser session.¬†Other are more permanent and remain on your computer for a longer period of time or until you delete them yourself.
  • There are necessary cookies, which serve to navigate on the website.
  • And there are functional cookies to remember your preferences when you visit our website the next time, for instance. Other cookies, for instance performance cookies, serve to keep track of the most visited pages.
  • Some cookies are third-party cookies. They are placed on your computer and managed by third parties. These may be cookies that remember ad preferences in different browser sessions. For more information about these cookies, it is best to read the cookie and privacy policy of these third parties.

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