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Rules and regulations

1 Visits

• The buildings and surrounding areas of Technopolis are accessible only to visitors of the science centre.
• Cyclists can park their bikes free in the covered bicycle stands near the building.
• City buses 282 and 682 stop at regular intervals at the Technopolis bus stop. More information about bus timetables and the location of the bus stop can be obtained at the reception desk.
• Visitors can park free of charge in the car parks next to and behind the building.
• Buses and coaches must park in the spaces reserved for them behind the building.

Reception of groups:
• The group leader should report to the reception desk immediately upon arrival. In the meantime, the group will be greeted by a Technopolis edutainer.
• A number of trolleys will be made available to each group for storing bags, rucksacks, etc., if you have made a reservation for a picnic (these bags are not permitted in the exhibition hall). A lock and key are available from the reception desk on payment of a deposit.
• If a picnic has not been reserved, we would ask that bags and rucksacks be left in the bus.
• A limited number of lockers are available for valuables. Please leave as much of your belongings on the bus as possible.
• Storage in lockers and trolleys is always at your own risk.



• In the exhibition space visitors are free to explore on their own.
• Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult (18+) at all times.
• The accompanying adults must always stay with their group.
• Should you have any questions or problems, a number of Technopolis staff are available to assist you. You can recognize them by their red Technopolis shirts.

Exhibitions and the building

• Eating and drinking is strictly forbidden in the exhibition hall.
•Technopolis is a no-smoking building; should the smoke alarm be set off, the cost of such will have to be paid by the smoker responsible.
• The exhibits may NOT be submitted to endurance tests. Technopolis cannot be held liable for any personal injury or damage to property. Any costs will be borne by the person responsible.
• Peace and quiet and the green spaces on the Technopolis site must be respected by all visitors.
• All visitors must use water and energy sparingly.
• Rubbish is to be sorted and deposited in the bins provided.
• Inappropriate behaviour, behaviour that causes a nuisance, theft or vandalism will be reported to the police.
• Lost property items will be kept for a number of weeks. Enquires can be made by calling 015 34 20 20.

Photography and filming

• Photography and filming for commercial purposes is only permitted with written permission.
• It is possible that photos are taken or recordings made during the visit to Technopolis that can later be used for Technopolis' website. The user rights for this visual material belong to Technopolis. The images may be used on the website. If a visitor objects for a specific reason to the use of his or her photo for this purpose, this can be reported via an email to, specifying the reasons. Technopolis will then remove the photo as soon as possible.

2 Picnic room

• Picnics at Technopolis are allowed only for groups and upon advance reservation.
• There is a price per person for picnics. This is to be paid at the reception desk. 1 drink is included in this price.
• The picnic is booked for 30 minutes.
Advance reservation is necessary. If the group does not arrive at the time of the reservation, the picnic will automatically be moved to the next available time slot.


3 Restaurant

• The restaurant is open on school days from 11:30 to 17:00, hot meals are served from 11:30 to 14:30.
• On non-school days the restaurant is open from 10:30 to 17:00.

4 Payment

• Upon arrival, the group leader will pay the total amount at the ticket office (cash / Bancontact / credit card).
• The amount must be settled in full (please don't pay the entire amount in coins).
• Combination tickets: if "0 EUR" appears on the confirmation your group received, admission for both attractions will be paid at the ticket office of the first destination. Picnics, workbooks, e-quests, etc., are paid upon arrival at Technopolis. The combination ticket will be invalid if the group has fewer than 15 people on the day of the visit.
• Upon presentation of the Class teacher's card, the visit is free for the card holder.
• If a member of the group holds a personal annual season ticket or a friend's season ticket, he or she will receive free admission to Technopolis upon presentation (upon arrival) of the season ticket.
• The admission ticket serves as proof of payment. Please ask for it at the reception desk. It must be shown upon entrance during your visit as proof of payment.


By purchasing an admission ticket, the visitor declares that he or she agrees with these rules and regulations and will always follow the instructions of the Technopolis staff during the visit.

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