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Policy regarding photos and images of individual visitors to Technopolis

The principle

Technopolis respects the portrait rights of each visitor. It is possible that photos are taken or recordings made during the visit to Technopolis that can later be used for Technopolis' website. The user rights for this visual material belong to Technopolis. The images may be used on the website. If a visitor objects for a specific reason to the use of his or her photo for this purpose, this can be reported via an email to '' specifying the reasons. Technopolis will then remove the photo as soon as possible.

Targeted photos

Technopolis sometimes takes targeted photos of its visitors to use them in its communication channels. Targeted photos are those photos that are taken of an individual or images where one or more visitors are shown more 'prominently' than the others. All targeted photos are taken at Technopolis by a staff member and consent is always requested.

Technopolis will never use your picture for publication on the website or projection in our exhibition hall unless you give your permission first.

What about minors?

Technopolis recognises the principle that young people with sufficient powers of judgement can give consent themselves for the taking and use of targeted photos of them. Therefore in the case of children under 12, Technopolis will always ask for consent from their parents or legal guardians.

Cameras used in the exhibits

These cameras capture moving images and are always part of the application. The photos may be stored and are intended to enable visitors to experience the exhibit in a unique and agreeable manner and to inform them later about this 'experience'.

The use of such cameras can be deduced from the exhibit, its use and its description. Technopolis presumes that anyone who takes part in an exhibit gives consent for taking (and projecting) the images in the exhibit.

Cameras used to improve the quality of the exhibits offered

Technopolis reserves the right to record moving images of visitors in the exhibition hall in order to improve its permanent exhibition.

This method gives the most realistic image of the attraction and the quality of the exhibits. It provides an immediate and objective measurement of how visitors experience the various exhibits. Visitors' behaviour will be analysed without revealing the identity of these persons. This process helps Technopolis to achieve its mission 'to bring science and technology closer to people' in the most effective manner.

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