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Privacy policy

Technopolis is committed to respecting your privacy.

That is why we have developed a privacy policy. Here, you can see in which conditions we ask for your details and what we do with it. Are you of legal age, or responsible for minors, or a minor? Whatever you are, make sure to go through this privacy policy.

You can find the full privacy policy here. Further in this article, we explain what this means for you.

The registered office of Technopolis NV is located in the Technologielaan, 2800 Mechelen. For all questions and comments related to the privacy policy, you can contact the above address. You can also contact us using the email address


1. What personal information may be asked, and when?

Personal information may be requested and processed:

  • at you make a telephone booking, fill out a survey, or buy a subscription;
  • when you visit the website of Technopolis;
  • when you use the RFID technology used in many of our interactive exhibits;
  • via visual material that is made in the publicly accessible areas of Technopolis.

You agree that your personal data is stored and processed in the database of Technopolis, and you guarantee that the data that you communicate to Technopolis belong to you or that you have permission to use them and to communicate them to Technopolis.

You can find more information about the use of this data here.

Personal information obtained from a telephone booking, survey or subscription

If you make a telephone booking for a visit to Technopolis, or if you want to register for a particular event, Technopolis may ask you for certain personal information (such as your name and first name, e-mail address, gender, postal address, date of birth and telephone number).

If you participate in the survey during your visit, Technopolis may ask you for certain personal information (such as your name and first name, e-mail address, gender, mailing address and date of birth).

If you want to become a subscriber of Technopolis, we make you a subscriber card with your name, first name and photo at the box office. Technopolis can read these data on your (Belgian) e-ID or Kid's card. Technopolis can also read your address. If you don't have a suitable card, Technopolis may ask this personal information when making your card and take a picture.

Personal information obtained through

When you visit the website of Technopolis purely to find information about Technopolis, its offer or the subjects appearing on, no personal data is stored or processed.

If you would like to register online to receive certain services or products (such as our newsletter, subscribe to events, register for the Technique Club or a summer camp, purchase e-tickets, purchase a subscription, fill out a satisfaction form, book a class visit, birthday party, request a quote...), Technopolis may ask for personal information (such as your name and first name, e-mail address, gender, postal address, date of birth and telephone number).

You can find more information about the processing of this data here.
When you visit our website, we ask you to accept our cookies. Read all about our cookie policy.


Personal information obtained through the RFID technology

When you visit Technopolis, either individually or with your class or school, you can test your knowledge at the interactive exhibits or have your skills photographed or have sound recordings made. To make this possible, you get an individual RFID bracelet at the start of your visit. This bracelet can communicate with the set-up on which you are working through a wireless connection. In this way, Technopolis can store the results of your interaction with the set-up and hand over your results to you after the visit.

At the first set-up of your visit, some personal details may be processed (such as your name, first name, gender, age and e-mail address). With this personal data, Technopolis can create a personal results page on

After your visit, you can find the results of your experiments on your personal MyTechnopolis page. These results can be scores, but at some interactive exhibits sound recordings, photos or videos are made. They will also be put on your MyTechnopolis page. This material is stored in order for you to relive your visit to Technopolis in a unique and enjoyable way. This means we use your personal data to inform you about the results you obtained at the different exhibits.  

If you revisit Technopolis at a later date and you use the same personal data, the results of this visit can also be added to your personal MyTechnopolis page.

You are free to leave some or all fields empty, but in that case your results will not be stored.

Are you younger than 12 years? In that case, Technopolis needs the permission from your parents or a supervisor to obtain your email address. This permission is explicitly requested when registering your personal data at the first set-up which is equipped with an RFID reader.

In all these cases, you agree that your personal data are stored and processed in the database of Technopolis.

Technopolis can deny access to the website of MyTechnopolis, temporarily or permanently, if you use false data or third-party data without their permission. If you notice that someone pretends to be you and has uploaded your photo, you can always contact the Technopolis webmaster on Technopolis will then ask you to prove your identity.

Personal information obtained through visual material

During your visit to Technopolis, it is possible that footage in which you appear will be made, when you visit an exhibit, workshop or event that is the main topic of the footage. The usage rights of this footage belong to Technopolis, within the framework of its mission. If you have objections against the use of these images, please contact Technopolis via or at the above address. Technopolis will remove the photo or film as soon as possible.

Sometimes, Technopolis makes focused images of visitors to use in printed or online media. In focused images, one or more persons are the main topic. Your permission is always asked for focused images, for instance by asking you to pose for the picture. In this context, Technopolis holds to the principle that young people with sufficient discernment can give permission themselves to make focused footage. For children younger than 12 years, Technopolis will always ask the permission from the parents or the legal representative.

Finally, there may be moving images of visitors in the exhibition space of Technopolis. This allows us to evaluate the attractiveness and quality of the set-ups in the framework of our mission and to measure objectively how visitors experience the different set-ups. This way of mapping the behaviour of the visitors is always without correlation to personal data of any kind.

2. Processing of personal data

Technopolis will only process the personal information provided by you for the purposes listed in this notification (see article 3).

Your personal information will never be passed on to others who want to earn money or promote their products or services.

If Technopolis wants to process your personal information for other purposes or if it wants to pass on this information to companies with which it cooperates, it will ask your explicit consent, and you can object to the use of your personal data for these changed purposes. The reporting obligation on the part of Technopolis and the prerequisite to consent when transferring personal data to other companies do not apply if Technopolis processes personal data within the purposes specified in this privacy policy and if it has recourse to service providers for the practical implementation of these purposes. Technopolis can also always give you access to your personal information at the request of the judicial authorities or the competent police services.  

The personal data Technopolis collects is stored in a computer file that is kept in a secure environment. Only certain persons employed by Technopolis, or certain persons or entities with which Technopolis has entered into an agreement, have access to your personal information. Their access is always limited to the extent to which they need it for the performance of their function or mission.

Back-ups of the personal information that is collected on the website of Technopolis and MyTechnopolis within the meaning of article 3 of the current privacy policy are accessible only to Technopolis employees who have the necessary access rights.


3. Purpose of the processing, storage period and what if you want to change something

Technopolis processes your personal data in order to provide you with the products or services that you have requested or ordered or for which you have registered online, in order to inform you about the results you obtained at the different set-ups during your visit and to promote Technopolis via electronic newsletters about its offer.
Except in the case you have personally removed personal information on the MyTechnopolis website, Technopolis keeps all information you have uploaded on this personal web page for a period of two years, starting from the date you have last visited the web page.

You can always inform Technopolis you no longer want to be updated about the Technopolis offer. This can be done via the Unsubscribe link you will find at the bottom of all electronic communication. You can also contact Technopolis at the above address, or via

Does Technopolis work with incorrect data about you? Do you no longer want Technopolis to have your data? Just give a heads-up via

You can access and view your personal information at any moment. Any false, inaccurate or incomplete information can be modified or simply removed. To exercise the right to access and correct data, send an email with an attached copy of your email ID or Kids Card to, or send a letter with the above-mentioned attachment to the above postal address of Technopolis, for the attention of the Privacy Manager.

You can delete your personal MyTechnopolis page yourself or ask the Technopolis Privacy Manager as mentioned above. Are you underage? Ask your parents to contact the Technopolis Privacy Manager if they feel your profile needs to be removed for a valid reason.

Please note you will no longer have a personal MyTechnopolis page if you remove your profile and that you can no longer receive newsletters. Technopolis keeps a back-up of your profile for one year starting from the moment your MyTechnopolis page has been removed.

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