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Technopolis privacy statement

Are you under the age of 12 and coming on a visit to Technopolis?

Great, in that case you will get a 'cool' RFID bracelet and we will ask for a bit of information about you. This will help us make sure you have a great time and afterwards we can let you know the results of your visit. Technopolis needs the consent of your mum or dad for this.

What if you are visiting Technopolis with your class? In that case we will send your results to the school's email address.

What if Technopolis has incorrect information about you? Or you no longer agree that Technopolis should have your personal information? In that case, ask your mum or dad to contact us via That way you can have a look at your information, make changes or simply have it deleted.

Technopolis will never pass on your information to others who want to use it for commercial or promotional purposes.


Dear visitor, dear parent,

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre, is represented by the managing director and chair of the Board of Directors. Its registered office is located on the Technologielaan, 2800 Mechelen.

Technopolis does everything possible to protect the personal data of its minor and adult visitors. We nevertheless ask you to read the following privacy statement carefully.

During your visit to our exhibition space in Mechelen, we collect personal information using RFID technology. In order to assess the impact of this on the privacy of our visitors, we have had a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) carried out in accordance with existing legislation. Click on footnote[1] below if you wish to read more.

The personal information is used only to ensure that you (or your child) have a fun time and to ensure that the visitor will receive information afterwards about the results obtained at the various exhibits. We would like to point out that personal information can also include images. If you would like to know more about the way Technopolis uses images, please click here to read our statement on ‘The Technopolis visitor in pictures'.

Technopolis also conducts campaigns and distributes a newsletter. We collect personal information via these channels as well. If Technopolis wishes to use this information for personalised advertising regarding our services, we will first ask for your express permission in writing or by email. For children under 12, we always ask for the consent of their parents.

If you wish, you can object to the processing of your personal information (or that of your children) by emailing a simple request to You can also send an email to the same address to ask to inspect, correct or delete this personal information.

All personal information we collect is stored on the servers of Technopolis. This information will never be given to others for commercial use.

Technology also uses cookies to improve the quality of its website. This allows us to store personal information on our servers. If you would like to know more about the use of cookies by Technopolis, please click here to read our statement on cookies.




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