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Nature goes digital

You won't come closer to the animals!

Nature goes digital! Technopolis has a set of brand new exhibits that takes you on a digital journey to the animal world.

Go on a virtual bird safari in the Zwin and rescue turtles, seals and bats in virtual reality. Treat us to your best imitations of animal sounds. Who knows, you may well be able to speak with owls or deer. The closest you can get to animals! Of course, nature is so much more than just animals. So, you'll also get a chance to work with wood. 

Nature goes digital!


Let's hear the beast inside you

We all imitate an animal from time to time. But usually, we don't get further than a meow or a woof woof. So, really get in the skin of an animal and learn the right technique to imitate the sound. Would the animal recognize the calling of one of its own? If yes, it will appear in 3D!


Show the animals which way to go

Three animals are feverishly looking for a safe place to rest. Will you help them? Point your tablet to the wounded turtle, the grey seal and the bat and see how they spring back to life in virtual reality! Lead the way in their virtual environment. Is your animal safe? Take a picture and share it on social media.


Virtual birding

Get into the virtual observation tower in the Zwin nature reserve and go on a virtual bird safari. The birds are chirping away around you. Look carefully and make sure you spot them all. Look up, down, left and right to find the six birds.


Made from... wood?

Did you ever wonder what type of wood is used to make a product? Test your knowledge in this electro set-up. You'll get oak, birch and chestnut. Connect it with the right end product: English fencing, vessels and betulinol acid. And do you know why these woods are chosen? You'll playfully discover all their properties.

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  • Target group: 8- to 14-year olds
  • Price: for free, included in your day ticket
  • Location: Xplora


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