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Rates Technopolis in combination with...

Are you planning a visit to Technopolis? Turn it into a day trip! Combine your visit with one of the many attractions in the area. You can reserve advantageous combi tickets at Technopolis or one of our partners.


Technopolis in combination with Combi ticket student Combi ticket teacher with valid teachers card
Planckendael € 18.15 (kindergarten and primary)
€ 20.15 (secondary)
€ 17.75
Toy Museum € 12.65  for free
De Nekker € 7.65 (Kindergarten)
          € 9.15 (primary)
                 € 10.15 (secondary)

for free
Sterrenwacht Mira € 12.15 for free
Sportimonium (*) € 11.15 for free
Saint Rumbold's Tower (**) € 9.15 € 2.50
National Memorial of the Fortress of Breendonk (***) € 10.50 € 3
The Planetarium € 10.50 for free
Kazerne Dossin € 10.40 € 3,75
Malinska € 9.80 € 4,95


(*) Included are: visit to the permanent exhibitions, public sports garden with 1 hour guidance from a coach.

(**) When visiting Saint Rubold's Tower on Wednesday or in the morning of the other working days, a guide has to be paid for each group of 20 people.

(***) With a combi ticket for the Fortress of Breendonk, please take into account that a guide needs to be paid on site. The price for this guide is € 55. One guide can supervise a maximum of 30 people.

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Did you know?

  • Combi tickets can only be booked by groups of 15 or more paying students!
  • Payment of e-rallies (primary and secondary education) and the picnic at Technopolis will always be handled at the cash register in the reception area of Technopolis. 
  • To make a reservation for the picnic area and/or possible guides at the combi partners, please directly contact the organisation involved. Payment of these extras is also handled at the organisation involved.
  • Payment of the combi ticket is made at the cash register of the destination you visit first, except for combi tickets with Saint Rumbold's Tower, Observatory Mira, De Nekker and Malinska. These payments are always made at the cash register at Technopolis.
  • Please take into account any possible subscription holders in your group when making a reservation. Subscriptions should always be shown on site.

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