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Inter[Na]tional Ye[Ar] of c[He]mistry

Get ready for what we have to offer in 2019!

Hurray! In 2019 the well-known periodic table of Mendeleev blows its 150th candle! And Technopolis plans to celebrate its birthday a whole year long. For Technopolis 2019 won't only be the year of the famous table but of all things related to chemistry. So, brace yourself for a mix of blasts, explosive experiments and even more particularly interesting matter than ever before! We're thrilled to bits to see the 'reaction' of you and your pupils!

Here are some sneak peeks...

In 2019 you have an extra reason to keep a close eye on Technopolis. We plan to surprise you all year round with fun activities and other brain chemistry!


[Co]nfigu[Ra]tion periodic [Ta]ble

Here's an absolute gem that we will reveal on 6 March, exactly 150 years after Mendeleev first published his table. We will present a brand new interactive set-up that completely revolves around Mendeleev's periodic table. It will be an interactive game where you have to work together to fill the table completely.

We develop this set-up with Co-valent and with essenscia that celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019.



[W]ho was Me[N]deleev?

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834-1907) was a Russian chemist who established that one could arrange the elements according to a fixed pattern. He developed a periodic system that is known as Mendeleev's table. In 2019 it will be precisely 150 years since he published his brainchild for the first time. That's why the UN has made 2019 the International Year of the Periodic Table. 

Did you know...

The element Mendelevium (Md) discovered in 1955 was named after Mendeleev? It's an element that can't be found in nature. Mendelevium is the lightest not naturally occurring element that can only be made in a particle accelerator.


Fac[Ts] about the [Ta]ble

  • Mendeleev wasn't the only one to have made a periodic table. What makes Mendeleev's table so special is the fact that it can predict the existance of elements with certain properties even before they are discovered.
  • The table usually looks like a table with 18 or 32 columns. There are other editions as well. Sometimes, the table is not a table but a spiral!
  • Do you have a 10-year-old poster of the table on your wall? Nice, but unfortunately no longer very accurate. Regularly, new elements are added, and researchers adapt the table to reflect new findings.

Downl[O]ad the [Ta]ble of Mendeleev

We predict that Mendeleev's table, also known as the periodic table of elements, will be trendier than any other poster in 2019. So, get ahead of the crowd and display it now in your class, the teacher's room, office or fridge...

Pssst... Do you recognise all the elements in the titles on this page?


It's [Al]l about c[He]mistry!

Chemistry is truly everywhere! Just think about what was on your plate, the fuel in your car, your raincoat, the pills your GP gave you. And in case you never considered this: our body is actually a chemical factory in itself. 

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