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9h30 to 17h

Van de Graaff generator

Make your hair stand on end

At Technopolis you don't need any hair gel or hairspray, just... electricity!

How is that possible?

The Van de Graaff generator consists of an aluminium globe and a hollow cylinder. There is a nylon drive belt in the cylinder that attracts electrons, resulting in a negative charge. When you come into contact with the globe, you also receive a negative charge, making your hair stand up on your head.

Be sure to have someone snap a photo, as the result will be spectacular!

Target group: young and old

Length: 15 min.

Location: lower level

Price: free

The Chain Reaction is set off at regular intervals during your visit.

You do not have to make an advance reservation for your class to attend this activity.


Van der Graaff-generator

Zet je haren recht met de Van der Graaff-generator!


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