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During the summer holidays Technopolis wants to cool you off with invigorating discounts that increase as the temperature rises. From 25° Celsius onwards on our thermometer, you receive a 25% discount on your day ticket. Follow the temperature live here on our website!

When the thermometer hits 25° you receive a discount on your day ticket!

Follow the temperature here live on our website and receive discounts as soon as the temperature rises to 25°!

  • 25% discount when the temperature equals 25° up to 30°
  • 30% discount when the temperature equals 30° up to 35°
  • 35% discount when the temperature equals or exceeds 35°

This action is only valid at the cash desk at Technopolis and does not apply to online tickets.  Discover below the coolest experiments at Technopolis!

At the moment
in Mechelen
32 °C
Source: Wunderground
The discount granted at the cash desk depends on the temperature displayed here at the moment of your arrival at Technopolis.

Experimenting has never been so 'cool' at Technopolis

Feeling hot, hot, hot in the summer sun? Not at Technopolis. Because we have plenty of summer-proof activities in the Lab and the Workshop in store for you. Or why not escape the heat and refresh yourself in the water installations or get active in our sunny Science Garden? Experimenting has never been so cool.


Make summerproof gadgets

Do you want to keep your head cool when the mercury rises rocket-high? Come and hide from the sun in our high-tech Lab and Atelier. Get ready for summer and make your own cool gadget to enjoy a summer-proof holiday. How about some personalised sunglasses (without UV protection) or a name tag for your suitcase? In our Lab you can test how (well) sunscreen works! Bet you your summer holiday will be a walk in the park!


Splish splash!

Are you looking for some refreshment and fun in the water? Splash away! Hurry to our Water side and experiment with water... or just splash water all over each other. And that's not all. Why not try and balance some balls on a water jet or - and yes, it does sound amazing but it's absolutely true - crawl inside a soap bubble!  Or be a god of the seas and make your own waves.

phone Closed due to maintenance on 1, 2 and 3 August!

Keep it cool in our exhibition area

Not only the water experiments are deliciously cool. Actually, the entire exhibition space is quite nice and fresh. Which is not to say you won't break a sweat. Unless you're capable of landing an aeroplane without clammy hands, of course. Would you get unto a bed of nails or cycle five metres high without trembling legs - surrounded by the birds of prey of the Grand Canyon in virtual reality? Did you ever bring slippery worms back to live or dissect wild animals on a 3D dissection table? Not to mention the spectacular science shows with impressive and surprising experiments that are guaranteed to blow you away! 


Head outside!

And when it's cooling down, you head outside to fill your lungs with science. Off to the Science Garden! Set a rock weighing 5 tonnes in motion with your pinky, walk over a living bridge, follow the tracks of the most dangerous animal in the world, and whisper perfectly understandable sentences to each other... while you're standing 15 metres apart.

Target group: young and old
Price: all activities are included in your day ticket

phone continuous, from Monday to Sunday, from 9.30 a.m. till 5 p.m. (also on Sundays and official holidays)

Terms and conditions

  • This action does not apply to online tickets. The discount is granted at the cash desk depending on the temperature at that particular moment in Mechelen, as it is displayed on this page.
  • The discount cannot be accumulated with other actions and discounts.
  • The discount only applies to individual tickets for children, adults, people aged 55 and older and disabled people. The discount does not apply to gift certificates, group reservations, birthday parties, B-daytrips of the NMBS and combi tickets.
  • The discount action is valid during the summer vacation only, which is from 1 July up to and including 31 August 2017.

Look at how much you would pay when the temperature is below 25 degrees

... and calculate your discount as the temperatures rises! Ka-ching!

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