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Hurray, holiday! Plenty of time to have a blast in Technopolis. Truly the best holiday destination ever. Rain or shine: here, you cycle through the clouds, splash water at the Water Front, embark on a journey of discovery in our Science Garden, or make handy summer gadgets.

Holiday? It’s even more fun at Technopolis! Rain or shine? At Technopolis you will enjoy a science adventure no travel story can beat!

The explanation with all the exhibitions has been translated into English. The workshops, demonstrations and shows are only given in Dutch. The automated theatre has English subtitles.

Exhibitions (NL / FR / ENG)

The entire exhibition space is nice and fresh. Which is not to say you won't break a sweat. Unless you're capable of landing an aeroplane without clammy hands, of course. Would you get unto a bed of nails or cycle five metres high without trembling legs - surrounded by the birds of prey of the Grand Canyon in virtual reality? Did you ever dissect wild animals on a 3D dissection table

All exhibitions are available every day of the week, from 9:30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Workshops in the Lab (NL)

Do you want to keep your head cool when the mercury rises rocket-high? Come and hide from the sun in our high-tech Lab (8 years and older)!

Workshops in the Atelier (NL)

In our Atelier (6 years and older) you can set your imagination free! Isn't that refreshing?!

Shows (NL)

Our edutainers will blow your mind and will leave you baffled with their impressive and surprising scientific experiments.

Demos (NL)

Sometimes you just have to see something to believe it! We demonstrate some fun science principles that will literally make your hair stand on end!

Where do I find the day programma during my visit?

The full day programme can be found on the vertical screens in the exhibition room. All science shows and demos are also announced several minutes before they start. This way, you won’t miss anything!

You can download a map here.

Programme is subject to changes

We will do our very best to guarantee this programme. Exceptionally the time schedule will be subject to changes.

The higher the temperature, the higher your discount!

During the summer holidays Technopolis wants to cool you off with invigorating discounts that increase as the temperature rises.

Are you a visitor? Teacher? Or interested in hosting an event at Technopolis? Switch to your customized offer.