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Electronic bracelet

Receive the results of your experiments in your mailbox. By registering at the computer terminals, your activities at the interactive exhibits will be collected. At home you can review them via a link to your personal webpage on My Technopolis.

Personal bracelet

In order to make your visit to the thematic exhibit even more personal and unique, you will be given a bracelet at reception which allows you to register quickly and easily at each of the exhibits. After registering, your bracelet will be linked to your e-mail address. You will receive an email with a link to a personal webpage where you can have another look or listen to the piece of music you made or your own 'imitation' soundtrack.

A great souvenir to remind you of the fun experiments you carried out at Technopolis!

Help save the environment and return your bracelet at the exit when you leave. This will enable other visitors to use the bracelets again. The bracelets can be used only at Technopolis.

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