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Children's Science Centre

Young children can now create their own play room with the Hop Up Playground!

This is where a child sized world opens up. Because of the realistic decor, young children can gain unforgettable experiences in a completely new way, within 4 themes: the city, the park, the wharf and the body. Young children can now create their own play room with the Hop Up Playground!

New! Create your own play room now in the Children’s Science Centre!

“Hop” to the Children’s Science Centre!

In the Children’s Science Centre even the youngest ones (from 2.5 years old) can build their own playground! It is really easy and lots of fun, thanks to the Hop Up Playground

The Hop Up Playground consists of various playing and building elements which you can use to build your own playground. From research tables to peaceful cosy corners, from a challenging obstacles course to submarines and time machines. 

Just imagine! Before you know it, you’ll be busy doing endless experiments with the "hoppers". Have you come across an issue here and there whilst building? Excellent! Solving problems and coming up with new ideas makes the game even more fun!


4 exciting zones!

Your pre-schoolers can scan products at the cash register of a supermarket, change a tire in the garage, build a house, an igloo or a marble run, drive an ambulance, listen with the ears of an animal, among other fun things.


My body

In the area called my body, your pre-schoolers will get to know more about... themselves! They will get behind the wheel of a real ambulance, get to lie down on a gurney or cycle around with a skeleton! 


The park

There are lots of things to experience at the park, because nature is full of surprises! Your kids will find out what animals like to eat and they can feed them to their heart’s content! Which fruit grows from a tree or a bush? Can your pre-schoolers hear as well as an animal? Can they find the animals’ hiding places by following their tracks? They will find out all this and more at the park!


The city, with money printer!

Life in the big city speaks to the imagination of even the youngest children! Baking and delivering pizzas, serving people in a restaurant, stacking shelves at a supermarket or changing a car tire... Experience that and much more in the city!


The wharf

At the wharf, your kids can put roofing tiles on a roof, finish a house that’s under construction, build a marble run or even... an igloo! Your pre-schoolers will experiment with gears and play it safe with a real safety helmet on their heads. A forewarned construction worker is forearmed!  


Target group: 2nd and 3rd years of kindergarten, 1st and 2nd year of primary school

phone Visiting days kindergarten: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Visiting days primary schools: Thursdays and Fridays

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