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How does our exhibition work?

A brief tour

There is always something to experience at Technopolis. In all there are more than 350 exhibits you can experiment with, spread across different zones. To help you prepare for your visit, we would like to take you on a quick tour of the exhibition. This will give you an insight into the different themes and zones, and how they all fit together!

In the Main Exhibition there are interactive exhibits for anyone with a bit of curiosity, from the age of 4 to 104. They show us how science and technology lie hidden in everyday objects. Have you ever stood in the middle of a soap bubble, taken a nap on a bed of nails, slid down a pole like the fire-fighters, cycled on a cable 5 metres above the ground or inflated a real hot-air balloon?

In addition, the Main Exhibition features astonishing science shows and spectacular demos that take place several times a day. For example, there is the Van de Graaff generator, which uses static electricity to make the test subject's hair stand on end. And can you throw a strike with a balloon? Or would you like to know what the connection is between an umbrella and a teddy bear? The impressive chain reaction at Technopolis will show it all to you.

You can also experiment outdoors at Technopolis in the Science Garden with 15 interactive exhibits. Because science and technology are also fun when the weather is nice. You can set a 5-tonne rock in motion with your little finger, walk across a living bridge, and follow the trail of the most dangerous animal in the world.

On top of all these fun experiments in the main exhibition area and the Science Garden, which are for both young and old, Technopolis also offers a number of zones designed specifically for a particular age or target group.

At the Children's Science Centre, a world unfolds that is especially designed for children. Thanks to the true-to-life decor, the youngest children, between the ages of 4 and 8, can have unforgettable experiences in an entirely new way, and on 4 different themes: the City, the Park, Under Construction and My Body.

Youngsters between the ages of 8 and 14 are at a crucial stage of their lives. They are about to make the first decisions that will determine their future study and career path. The surprising, interactive exhibits about exciting occupations in Xplora set this age group on the path towards the job of their lives, and make a clear link with science or technology studies and career opportunities.

Technopolis enables youngsters between 14 and 18 to develop their own ideas and use their creativity. In the Inspirience zone this target group is inspired and given a chance to have a unique experience with science and technology.

Technopolis always has a temporary exhibition devoted to a particular theme as well. Click here for more info about the current Thematic Exhibition and a sneak preview of the next one.

Would you like to search the list of more than 350 interactive exhibits by theme? If so, click here. You will be able to see which interactive exhibits we have on a particular theme that you are teaching in your class, such as electricity, technology, health, nutrition, etc. This way you can tailor your class visit to match perfectly with your learning objectives.

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