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Technopolis is closed


This area closes mid June!

If you want to explore Inspirience, you better hurry to Technopolis, because this area disappears from our exhibition area mid June. Inspirience makes way for an entirely new interactive concept intended for students aged 14 and older.

You notice it every day: your students are growing up. Today, they will make decisions that will influence their choice of study programme and final career. So let’s get them thinking... This is why we created the area Inspirience, where your students will be inspired and gain a unique experience with science and technology. 

Have fun in Inspirience while you still can...

On the one hand, you and your students will be challenged to be creative: you will record images with a high-speed camera and play them in slow motion or you will experiment with magnetism, where you can adjust the characteristics themselves. You can create a work of art with shadows, mix your own soundtrack or draw with light.

On the other hand, your students will get to know more about themselves and the choices that will determine the rest of their lives: they will learn to express their opinion, they will find out more about their choice in partner, discover if they are a follower or a leader... In the area Inspirience, you students can fully develop their social skills, knowledge, creativity and other core skills.


Don't forget your RFID bracelet!

Did you know that a lot of our exhibits are equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology? Pick a bracelet when you enter Technopolis, hold it against the scanner of the exhibit you want to try out, enter your data just once and you will receive the results of your experiments in your mail box!


  • Target group: 2nd and 3rd grade secondary education
  • Price: for free, included in your day ticket
phone Until mid June. Afterwards Inspirience makes way for a brand new area!

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