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As winter draws closer, you'll be surrounded by light and music: the lighting in the streets and the houses, Christmas hits on the radio, ... And from 8 January onwards, light and sound will steal the show at Technopolis!

Gather enough students to jam on the largest drum computer in the world and to find the three hidden notes. Or make music using tubes and funnels, and try to follow the rhythm. Would they rather create their own light dance? All they have to do is press the buttons to play around with the spotlights and to become a genuine music producer! Or what about solving the mystery to their own magical mirror image? Images from all sides and with delay...


Big Beat

Big who? Big Beat – the largest drum computer in the world – is coming to Technopolis! A 10 by 3 metre wall of sound onto which your students can make the coolest beats. The buttons are scattered throughout the wall, so they must work all angles. On top of that, they have to work together to simultaneously press buttons and create complex rhythms. Big Beat is also a game: find the tones. Will your students find all three? Then, it's off to the next level, for new drum sounds. Will they reach the fifth level?


Musical tree

Forget Christmas balls and garlands for this interactive tree! And it's more than just a boring piece of decoration. So, what is it? Both an acoustic instrument and a game. The hundreds of tubes and funnels capture the sounds and movements of the bystanders and turn it into music. Your students hit the tubes and yell into them. The tree responds with its own rhythms and tones. Do your students turn out to be naturals? The tree will reward them with extra rhythms. Fun guaranteed!


Play the light

Light is obvious to us, but it is not. Because sunlight, the only energy source of our planet, gives us life and energy. This interactive installation inspires your students to think about that. They operate the music and spotlights in the wall, using sixteen buttons. They create their own light show: the light dances around in the space and they play with different sound frequencies. Bye-bye, boring school subjects! Here, your students discover the secrets of light in a fun and creative way!


Magical mirrors

Your students stand in front of the screens and see themselves. What seems to be a standard video image, turns out to be... magic. Because the screens only reflect what they did a couple of seconds ago. The cameras are scattered in the space, making them see themselves from all sides. And each mirror has a different delay. Confusing! And what if someone joins them? They won't see them on the screen. Now, how is that possible? Maybe the Kinect sensor has something to do with it. Don't wait and come and discover it together with your students!


  • Target group: all years and grades
  • Price: for free, included in your day ticket
phone As from 8 January 2018

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