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In Technopolis, you will never do the same thing twice: we continue to renew our offer in the main exhibition, so a class visit is always different.

Our main exhibition is a mix of original and interactive exhibits that show the role science and technology play in our daily lives. There, you and your students will find our classics, such as cycling on a cable five metres above the ground... You can also land a plane by yourselves, lie on a bed of nails, stand in a soap bubble, call to space... But Technopolis wouldn’t be Technopolis without continuously renewing its offer. That means there are lots of new things to experience. Check it out!


With the Olympics and the Paralympics still fresh on our minds, we will make you crazy about science with 12 brand-new sports exhibits. Sail against the wind, discover the ‘sweet spot’ on a tennis racket, turn the fastest pirouette of your life, learn to take penalty kicks as well as Kevin De Bruyne, and so much more!


Are you feeling thirsty? From now on, you can follow the entire trajectory of mineral water through a brand-new exhibit that was developed in collaboration with Chaudfontaine. While experimenting, you will find out about the temperature of the water in the different soil layers of the spring and you will discover what material they are made of.

Dissect in CSI style

And we have even more news to tell you! Have you ever dissected a monkey or a lion? In Technopolis, you can dissect animals and people with the 3D dissection table as if you do it every day.

Fly with us

Take a test flight to your favourite holiday destination or pretend to be a real stunt pilot... with our high-tech flight simulator!

A breathtaking bike ride in virtual reality

Put on our VR glasses and ride a bike on a rope across the Grand Canyon. During your ride all kinds of crazy things happen around you to give your virtual reality experience an extra dimension. This ride is one you will never forget!


  • Target group: all years and grades
  • Price: for free, included in your day ticket

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