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Will your students become natural talents?

Test the coolest nature jobs!

What do your students want to do as grown-ups? A futuristic theme park designer? A tiger dentist? The smartest private detective ever? Or, who knows, they may have a 'natural talent'? Find out at Technopolis: Xplora is an exhibition about all possible careers and it just got bigger. In collaboration with the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests, we've 'planted' some brand new interactive exhibits!

Four green high-tech exhibits

The Xplora zone has expanded with a new profession: natural talent. Your students are able to test whether they are a green talent with a passion for animals. And there are so many ways to do so!


Let's hear the beast inside you

Can your pupils call titmice? Tell owls where to catch the best mice? Warn a deer when there's danger? Through the Shazam technology your students will learn how to imitate their sounds by listening carefully and by relentless practising. Would the animal recognize their calling as one of its own? If yes, it will appear in 3D!


Show the animals which way to go

Would they rather help animals in need? Let them become an animal rescuer and bring animals to safety via augmented reality: they'll guide toads to a crossover, bring seals to a quiet sandbank and send bats off to their cave. Everyone safe? Your pupils can take a picture and share it on social media.


Virtual birding

Thanks to virtual reality, your pupils can go on a (virtual) safari at the Zwin, without moving a foot! They peer through the tower viewer and see a kestrel hovering, waiting for its prey. And beneath their feet, a cormorant dives into the water, while wild geese fly overhead. And who's hiding in the grass? Have them look up, down, left and right to find the six birds.


Made from... wood?

Of course, nature is so much more than just animals. Your students can test their knowledge in this electro set-up. They'll get oak, birch and chestnut and are asked to connect it with the right end product: English fencing, vessels and betulinol acid. And do they know why these woods are used? They'll playfully discover all their properties.

Career info point

Here's how you'll become a natural talent!

At the end, a forest ranger, a night butterfly specialist, a landscape expert and a regional biologist manager testify (each and every one of them natural talents of the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests) what their job is all about. And (not an unimportant detail) they tell what your students should study in order to follow in their footsteps. It will be a lot easier to answer the question: "What do you want to do as a grown-up?" Of course, the answer will be: "A natural talent!"


These set-ups have been made possible thanks to

Xplora is the place where you discover your (natural) talents!

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