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Next year is FIFA year: the best football teams in the world will go into battle during the World Championship in Russia. Technopolis will offer your students a summer of sports at home. Because here, they are the stars. They will fly through the air with a delta flyer, conquer the highest cliffs or be the leading star in their own sports video. Here's how:

Brand-new from 1 June 2018!


Discover your inner hero

Do your students stand in awe of top gymnasts and their acrobatics? Next summer, they have a chance to experience it themselves. On our film set, they get to do all gymnastic stunts themselves, without ending up with even the tiniest scratch. Are they beaming with pride? Rightly so, and they can immediately show off their talent to their friends via Facebook or Twitter.

We don't have magic potions at Technopolis, but we do have a unique film studio. Your students get to make the most spectacular moves on the balance beam, while they're just lying on the ground. Every few seconds, a top-notch camera takes a picture. When all images are put together, they get a stunning film in which they show their prowess.


Climb the Mount Everest

On our climbing construction, your students transform into Spiderman. They climb the steepest cliffs, cling onto dizzyingly tall buildings or conquer the highest mountain peaks. And if they lose their grip, they land safely onto a soft gymnastics mat.

Their climbing adventures involve some serious augmented reality. We project images onto the climbing wall which move along with your students' antics. The result? A climbing session they will remember for the rest of their lives.



Discover the sky with a delta flyer

Your students will soar through the air at dizzying heights... while their feet are firmly on the ground. The secret? The great virtual reality set-up. They will feel free as a bird, with the wind blowing through their hair and the VR goggles on their face.

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Don't postpone your visit because Technopolis already has some promising sports surprises in store for you. How about a thrilling wheelchair race, handing out penalties, or unravelling the mystery of the perfect spin?


  • Target group: all years and all grades
  • Price: free, included in your one-day ticket
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