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the gender EXPERIMENT

Dismiss all gender clichés with your class

Are girls really better at multitasking than boys? And are boys the best at technical things? Find out with your class in the gender EXPERIMENT and let them discover how different (or similar) their talents are in an interactive way!

Bye bye clichés!

At Technopolis, we will do away with the old, set gender clichés once and for all. the gender EXPERIMENT answers questions that are guaranteed to lead to discussions in your classroom:

  • Are girls really better at multitasking than boys?
  • Do boys have a better sense of direction?
  • Are boys better at putting out fires and girls at taking care of people?
  • ...

Visit this exhibit and discover the differences and similarities between the talents boys and girls have. Want to bet your students will quickly be ready to let go of all their prejudices?


25 interactive exhibits

the gender EXPERIMENT consists of no fewer than 25 exciting interactive exhibits. You can test:

  • your hearing and your sense of smell,
  • show your skills as an electrician,
  • put together gears until you have a perfectly working machine,
  • ...

More than enough for an entire day! Your students will prove what their gender is good at while experimenting and discovering!

Don't forget your RFID bracelet!

When they enter, they will receive a special electronic bracelet that automatically records all their scores. At the end, we will add the points of all the boys and all the girls. We’re curious to see what we can deduct from that!

En pratique

  • Target group: 3rd to 6th year and all grades
  • Price: for free, included in your day ticket

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