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Temporary exhibition 'To your health!'

Exclusively in October and November!

What do we wish each other the most frequently? Good health! At parties, we say it almost without thinking. But what exactly is healthy and what is not? How are we going to be healthy and how do we remain healthy? And do we actually have a say in it?

Surely, your students have had the same questions... Through a range of interactive exhibits, they'll get to know the human body: they'll look at medical images, hear their own heart rate and measure how much energy it takes to burn food.

They will test their memory, their agility and even their condition! Are you ready to discover all there is to know about health, in a fun and entertaining way?

To your health!



  • Target group: all years and all grades
  • Price: free, included in your one-day ticket
phone Exclusively in October and November

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