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Technopolis is open
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We are building for our future!

Discover out future plans

Had you already noticed? There have been BIG works happening in our exhibition room. A barrier here, a “closed” sign there... We understand that you would rather not have this during your visit but we are hoping you can be patient for a little bit longer. To convince you that our exhibition room really will be (even) better, we wanted to show you some of our future plans. We think it’s going to be great! Do you agree?

We are building...

  • a brand new zone for young people over the age of 14 on the ground floor. In the zone the "makers" will get to know new technology and get the opportunity to innovate and learn how these technologies can be used as a solution to certain challenges. A special Youth Council, established by Technopolis employee, Deepak Mehta from 'Team Scheire', are also thinking about how this new zone can be used. In January we are lifting the veil. Just a little bit more of a wait, but the wait will be worth it!
  • You can also temporarily go to the TeST! zone on the ground floor at the moment. Our TeST! Living_Lab is where you can go to try out your educational prototypes of new interactive set-ups. Before we get this ready, we would like to know what you think first and how you would do it. That way, you can help use build our new range!
  • At the end of this year, a new temporary themed exhibition PLAY ▶️ will get you playing under a bunch of sounds and waves!

And if you thought that was it...

... You’d be wrong! 

  • Next year - as part of the 150th birthday of Mendeleev - a brand new set-up will be opened about the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table.
  • There will also be a new ‘Pure’ zone that focuses on some basic mechanisms from physics.

This is all that we have to look forward to but unfortunately in the meantime we will need to move or get rid of quite a few set-ups. We are doing all that we can so that you can experience as much as possible.

phone Technopolis is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"We are developing somewhere for the children to experience the future..."

"We are in the middle of making some big changes, we are developing somewhere for the children to experience the future, discover their talents and (more than ever before) be fascinated by science and technology.

Over the past two years we have been working hard to develop this and we have created a plan across all fields (companies/education/government) in order to turn this goal into a reality." Stephane Berghmans, CEO of Technopolis


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