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Technopolis is open
9h30 to 17h

Main exhibition

Discover our most popular exhibits!

In Technopolis, you will never do the same thing twice: we continue to renew our offer in the main exhibition, so a visit is always different. Our main exhibition is a mix of original and interactive exhibits that show the role science and technology play in our daily lives. Besides the basic principles of science, there are also new technologies on offer like augmented and virtual technology.

A closer look at some of our most popular exhibits...


Land an airplane!

Take a test flight to your favourite holiday destination or pretend to be a real stunt pilot... with our high-tech flight simulator!


Ride a bike on a cable

Do you dare to ride a bike on a 5 meter high cable spun across our exhibition area without breaking a sweat? Then grab our bike and discover why our bicycle does not get out of balance so easily.


Meet our robot!

The life-size robot in our exhibition area tells jokes, effortlessly impersonates your favourite movie characters and knows loads of cool tricks! Make him change colour or roll his eyes and have him monitor your every single movement...


How about a nap on a bed of nails

A little tired from all those experiments? Then how about a lie down on our comfortable... Bed of nails. We promise that you won't be covered in holes afterwards...


Get a 3D scan of yourself!

Get a 3D scan of yourself from head to toe! Love the result? Then you can order an image of yourself online afterwards. The scan is completely free, the image isn’t.


Lift up a car!

No, you don't need a powerhouse to lift up a car! At least, not in Technopolis... With the help of a mega level you can lift our car of the ground.


Stand in a bubble!

You can always blow bubbles just about anywhere! Yet, we bet you’ve never made a bubble as big as big as you. Plus, have you ever stood in a bubble before?

Don't forget your RFID bracelet!

Did you know that a lot of our exhibits are equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology? Pick a bracelet when you enter Technopolis, hold it against the scanner of the exhibit you want to try out, enter your data just once and you will receive the results of your experiments in your mail box!


Target group: young and old
Price: for free, included in your day ticket
The explanation with all the exhibits has been translated into English.

phone continuous, from Monday to Sunday, from 9.30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Day programme

How to make the most of your visit to Technopolis? Have a look at the entire programme on beforehand. This way you know perfectly what to explore where and when.

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