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TeST! Living_Lab

Help build our future!

In Technopolis, we have already created fascinating, imaginative and, quite simply, chilling setups. Well, that is our "modest" opinion anyway! But what do you think of our setups? Come to our "TeST! Living_Lab" where we have a few prototypes ready for you and let our research team know on the spot how we can improve our setups (even more). That's how you can help build Technopolis' future!

TeST! What?

At the Living Lab of Technopolis you will help us test some prototypes of setups.

Do the setups show robustness? Is it immediately clear to you what you can do with the setups? Do they spontaneously make you want to start experimenting? Is the accompanying explanation crystal clear, or ..?

Try it out and share your brainpower!

Why TeST?

We are constantly striving to improve your visit to Technopolis; asking your advice to find out exactly what we can improve is therefore a logical step. What we create together is undoubtedly (even) better than what we create behind the scenes on our own. 

Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

What happens to the TeST results?

Test the setup(s) and let our research team know your findings immediately!*

Our team consists of one or more designers, engineers, label writers…:each and every one of them passionate science lovers who are motivated to shape the future of Technopolis together with you. 

From groundbreaking ideas to the finishing touch: we look forward to your input that will put us to work!


  • Target group: young and old
  • Price: all activities are included in your day ticket

*As usual, the labels for the setups were drawn up in Dutch, French and English. Our researchers speak Dutch, but they do their best to speak to you in French or English. How well and how easily they can enter into a dialogue with you depends on the researcher in question.

phone Our team is regularly at your disposition on weekdays.

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