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Discover our music exhibition PLAY!

Headphones on, sound on... and play!

Technopolis is filled with thunderous beats and groovy sounds. The brand new music exhibition PLAY is totally ready. Are you? Bring your friends and show us your dance moves on our disco carpet! Or are you the new Like Mike? Then jump behind our DJ table and scratch like a real pro! If it doesn't sound right, it clashes, but it's fun anyway! What are you waiting for? Music Maestro, please!

Sounds like music to your ears?

Invite your friends, family or neighbours to form a duo, quartet... or even a complete band and play the craziest melodies together. Discover our musical highlights below.


Carpet Disco

Create great disco music by jumping with your feet on the stars of our disco carpet! Determine the rhythm with your friends and the carpet takes care of the rest...


DJ Table

Imagine you're a real DJ at our DJ Table. Operate the buttons like a virtuoso and create the typical "scratch sound" by starting, stopping and quickly moving vinyl records by hand!


Flip-Flop Music

Play a percussion organ by hitting the pipe openings with flip-flops. The strangest organ ever and yet it doesn't sound off key!


Talking Drum

Hit the drum and listen carefully! Ha ha, not what you expected to hear! With our drums you can create a full-fledged percussion orchestra on your own.


Voice Transformers

Lalala lalalalaaaaaaaa....! Sit behind the microphone and sing your favourite song to us. Our microphone makes you beep like a mouse, growl like a monster or "saw" as monotonously as a mechanical robot!


Bass flute

You can play a regular flute anytime anywhere. But how do you make music with a giant flute of a few metres long? First, get some friends together because I bet you can't pump air and close holes at the same time! Together, it's a piece of cake! Or maybe not....


Forest of Sounds

Set yourself down in our imaginary forest and listen to a special radio play! Just like in the cinema, the sound seems to come from all sides....


Marvellous Music

Why make music with musical instruments when you can do it with an egg slicer, a bottle of water and a circular saw? Get your hands and fingers ready for a very special and subtle ensemble!


Day programme

How to make the most of your visit to Technopolis? Have a look at the entire programme on beforehand. This way you know perfectly what to explore where and when.


  • Target group:  young and old
  • Price: free, included in your one-day ticket

The explanation with all the exhibits has been translated into English.

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