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Mission and vision

Our objectives in a nutshell

Our mission

Bring science and technology closer to the people!

Our vision

Of course, Technopolis is all about science and technology, and all the amazing things that come with it. Still, that's not the only focus of our Flemish Centre for Science Communication.

Other focus points are:

  • our visitors,
  • the society in which we live,
  • our partners and
  • our employees.



We focus on our visitors

We want to bring science and technology closer to our visitors by informing them in an objective and nuanced way.

But there's more: we also want to fascinate and offer the possibility to learn STEM skills and to work with them in person.

That's why we resolutely choose for interaction: we engage in a dialogue, we ask to think along with us and encourage creation. Because science and technology are important and relevant. A message that we are more than happy to convey.

And that’s something we don't only do at Technopolis itself. We also try to create the broadest possible reach via outreach and online activities. We position ourselves as an inclusive science centre. One that appeals to everyone -regardless of age, culture, gender and religion, with constant attention to broadening our target groups, in particular teenagers and young adults.

We want to offer them a total experience. We aim to create an original, dynamic experience with the right balance between fun and education. In an innovative, future-oriented way.


We focus on our society

We not only have a responsibility towards our visitors, employees and partners but also towards our society.

Technopolis wants to build a community- a platform for education, companies and institutions. Together with them, we reach the broader society, and we contribute to the scientific knowledge of the population.

Technopolis has a coordinating role in this: we make sure all players find each other. We want to be the agora for scientific encounters.

In doing so, we particularly focus on the STEM disciplines: in the STEM net as well, we want to be the link between the different stakeholders. At the same time, we also want to support teachers and guide them within the different STEM components.

The final wish is to create stronger public support for science, technology and innovation. By connecting all stakeholders, we hope to make the sometimes tricky task of science communication somewhat easier.


We focus on our partners

Without our policymakers and our public and private partners, there would be no Technopolis. That's why their contribution, advice, support and financial resources deserve all our gratitude. And how to express that better than by dealing with it cautiously?

We guarantee we use all people and resources where they are needed most. And always with our goal in mind: to reach everyone and keep them updated about the social relevance of science and technology, and STEM in particular.

At the same time, we do our utmost to be an organisation that is committed to revenue growth, one that can benefit from this growth and engage in new projects that reach new goals and new audiences.


We focus on our employees

Because only if our employees are satisfied, motivated and happy, their (work) fun will rub off on our visitors.

We want to create a working environment in which everyone feels good so that all employees can live up to our promises to the visitors.

It goes without saying we always have an eye for the human capital in our organisation. And that we value it. We are committed to having the right people in the right place and want to represent the whole society.

The emphasis is always on respect: respect for our people and their surroundings.

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