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Together, bring science and technology closer to the people!

In order to achieve our ambitious mission and vision, in addition to a strong team we also need the know-how, advice, support and financial resources of our policy makers as well as our public and private partners.

Our goal is clear: to reach everyone and keep them updated about the social relevance of science and technology, and STEM in particular. 

Would you like to contribute to our vision and mission? Please feel free to contact us and we will see how we can contribute to each other's objectives.

Dries Desagher

Community builder

phone 015 34 20 05 mail

Our partners

Thanks to the players of the Nationale Loterij

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The four Belgian NADOs

In Belgium, the four national anti-doping organisations are dedicated to fighting doping in sport. One of their key tasks is doping prevention. In cooperation with Technopolis in Mechelen, NADO Flanders and the NADOs of the French and German-speaking Communities and of the Joint Community Commission in Brussels have developed the display around anti-doping within the hands-on thematic exhibition ‘Sports 2.0’. The exhibition will be open to the general public from July 1st 2018 until mid-2021.

This joint initiative ties in with the educative and preventative objectives pursued by anti-doping organisations and focuses on young people. It is important for this target group to adopt an anti-doping attitude.

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"Evonik is committed to the Cyber Classroom, a virtual learning system in 3D that makes young people experience the abstract world of chemistry interactively and playfully, starting from everyday products.

We really want to contribute to motivating young people for science and technique. Our brand awareness is a nice extra, but not the main goal. Engaging young people is also part of the design of Technopolis. Through this platform, we believe we can reach many young people, better than e.g. putting this tool in one single school.

This approach is critical to Technopolis, for it keeps watch over the quality of its products. Cheap marketing is not an option." 

Danny Erreweyaert, Communication & Facilities

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Radio 2

"In a good radio show, you shouldn't hear the technology behind it. However, getting sound to the listener involves a lot of technology. Because of the digitisation, technology is now completely different from what is was say twenty years ago. Radio has more and more become a one-man job where one man or woman presents the show and pushes all the buttons.

That's what makes modern radio so captivating. Thanks to the technological developments most restrictions have disappeared, and anyone with a simple computer and an Internet connection can start his own radio station, wherever he is. It is important for all modern media that young people are fascinated by technology. And that's precisely what Technopolis does."

Dirk Somers

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Coca-Cola European Partners

"Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola European Partners Plc. It is the largest bottler of the products of The Coca-Cola Company brands. Since 1927 we produce, distribute and sell drinks through different channels in Belgium. At the end of 2015, 2,354 employees worked at Coca-Cola Enterprises in Belgium and Luxembourg, spread over 8 locations.

As a company, we want to make a positive difference in the communities where we operate. For example, we have been working with Technopolis for over 5 years to support young people in their development.

In addition to supporting several exhibitions over the past few years, we actively contribute to the correct collection of our empty beverage packaging in the cafeteria of Technopolis. We are also working together on the development of an interactive educational exhibit on the underground circuit of the Chaudfontaine mineral water that takes 60 years. It will be set up at the end of this year for the general public."

Inge Polspoel: Senior CSR Manager

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"For more than 40 years Velleman has been a trendsetter and developer of electronic kits that allow people to learn electronics in a fun and hands-on way. In addition to the electronics knowledge one acquires, it is also just fun to build something and to have made something that one knows inside and out. We try to make electronics fun.

Driven by our passion for technology, we believe it is our job to work with Technopolis to encourage youth in building, developing and discovering electronics and technology. It is therefore self-evident that Velleman contributes to this beautiful project - with electronics and with a lot of sympathy."

Luc De Meyer: Sales Manager Benelux - Sweden

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Slimme tuin

"Just as Technopolis does, we see technology as a form of relaxation: Smart Garden installed an automatic lawn mower at the entrance of Technopolis - the robot under the lawn mowers!

We are glad that by having the robot mower of Husqvarna mow the grass, employees of Technopolis can spend more time with the visitors. The grass no longer looks greener on the other side!"

Sam Buelens: Zaakvoerder



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Innovation is one of the key drivers of Materialise. And to stay innovative, we rely on creative and entrepreneurial spirits that combine years of experience with a thorough knowledge of our customers and the market. We are working on this project together with Technopolis to inform and inspire young visitors. Will you be the innovator of tomorrow? Discover the future with us!

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Traflux works together with its partners to manage waste correctly and safely from its inception to its final disposal. Each waste situation is analysed optimised in order to reduce the amount of waste as much as possible. Visitors at Technopolis are encouraged to always dispose of their garbage in the available trash cans instead of leaving it behind elsewhere. In order to sentisize people of the benefits of proper waste disposal Traflux has added a number of street trash cans on the domain.

Technopolis is an organisation that is 100% committed to work towards a better and more optimal waste management.

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